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Saturday 16 December

Track Pack - May 2016

June 2016 Working Weekend - Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th

After a successful three day Working Weekend last month, sleeper changing will be the main activity over June’s Working Weekend too. The area in question will be the section between Deacons Lane Bridge and Ashey Station, working westwards onto Ashey Grounds, time permitting. There is a One Train service operating on both days so there should be fewer interruptions than last time.

A Wickham trip from Havenstreet with tools and supplies will run on both mornings to get to the site at a good time. Last train off Ashey, and through to Wootton is at 4.23pm for the return trip at the end of the day.   
Look forward to seeing everyone at the weekend, at the usual time of 8.30am at the P.Way Yard.

What's Been Going On?

The three day weekend saw a good number of attendees each day to progress with Sleeper Changing in the Swanpond area. A Wickham ride each day before the start of service trains enabled work to start at around 9am, ready to make steady westwards progress from Bridge One. After everyone’s efforts a Grand Total of 38 sleepers were changed before a halt was called at Callaways Crossing late Monday afternoon. As on previous days the 4.19pm ex Smallbrook took care of the return to Havenstreet (or Wootton).

The daily trip also enabled a number (usually 12) of the previous day’s exchanges to be shipped back to Havenstreet for disposal. After a further trip on Tuesday, to take some anti-slip sheet to Smallbrook for the platform surface, the return journey was utilised for recovery of the remaining spent sleepers to maintain a safe and tidy lineside.

It is good to report that the condition of the recovered sleepers was satisfactory and they were not imminently at the end of their useful life. That would suggest that the overall condition of sleepers along the line remains satisfactory.  
Many thanks to everyone for their help over the three days.

What Else Has Been Going On?

The increase in the number of operating days has limited our opportunities to do much  trackwork. Mondays at the start of May were an exception and could be used to attend to some level faults, at Ashey and Wootton stations, as well as Bridge Two.
The arrival of Spring has seen the usual green surge and running days have been spent keeping it in check. With the help of the Friday Gang all the sighting areas around crossings have been cut and cleared. A near two day session at Wootton saw a big dent made into “Bob’s Bank”, along with the opposite side almost as far as the culvert. There still remains the area near the station platform to be completed.

When the weather allowed, weedkiller was applied to the Havenstreet station area. The full extent of the line remains to be done.

An evening session was used on the remaining section of Swanpond, having its fishplates inspected and lubricated before the arrival of the hot spell in early May.

After a pause for a couple of weeks to do some fencing repairs (mostly renewing wooden posts) the Friday Gang soon got back into the swing of lineside clearance. The western end of Long Arch bridge has received their attentions recently. 
All the best,

Phil, Pete and Ian.





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16 December 2017


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Track Pack - November 2017

The latest news from the Isle of Wight Steam Railway's Civil Engineering Department.


Wootton Project Update Nov 2017

Wootton Project Update Nov 2017