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Saturday 15 December

Carriage & Wagon News - April 2014

LBSCR 3-Compartment Brake Third 4115

Work continues on the Country end panelling, Derek Atkins is laminating the second of three sheets of ply on the South Side Ducket cladding. Pete Jardine is installing the new floor as a priority. That is about half complete and, as mentioned in last month’s update, there is now sufficient clearance between the wheels and the floor support beams - so no more tyre-worn floor in future! Pete is also working on the modified floor support structure at the country end as the Brake Stand has to be mounted off centre to avoid fouling the drawbar. As at the third week in March the flooring is almost complete. The final plank will be left out for about two months to allow time for shrinkage before it is fixed in place. Pete will then be making the compartment partition boards and cladding panels. We have received another door for this coach; it has been donated from a holiday chalet on the mainland. 
South Side Ducket bodywork glued into place and firmly clamped.

LBSCR Third 2416

The replacement windows have now been fitted, Derek Atkins completed the last one on 25th March. After being kept under cover in Train Story for some time, 2416 was shunted around to the C&W workshop inspection pit for it’s ‘A’ exam at the end of March. When LBSCR 6349's body work is complete 2416 will enter the workshop for its seasonal paint work refresh and re-varnish.

LBSCR Third 2415 on the C&W inspection pit ready for 'A' exam - 29th March 2014.

LBSCR Composite 6349

The broken windows have all been replaced and it has completed its ‘A’ exam. 8 new brake blocks were fitted to the country end bogie and a further 8 replacements are now on order. The best of the remaining in-stock blocks have been fitted to the London end bogie.

 6349 was brought into the workshop for bodywork repairs and re-varnishing; Gary Walker was busy filling and re-painting the bolections (window mouldings) on the replacement windows over the weekend of 23rd March, see the picture below. Dave Smart made new metal panels to replace those damaged by a tree in December, damaged ones, these are the last ones below the waist on the South side, London end. The whole coach has been flatted down and re-varnished. 

Dave Smart’s panel installation and all varnishing is now finished, the completed coach left the workshop during the week beginning 7th April.

C&W Supervisor Gary Walker at work on the bodyside of LBSCR 6349 - 23rd March 2014.

LBSCR 5-Compartment Brake Third 4168

Winter maintenance has been completed, 4168 is now in service.

LBSCR 8-Compartment Third 2403

Re-varnish, 'A' exams and lock exams all complete, 2403 is now in service.

LCDR 5-compartment Third 2515

This four-wheeler was in the service train when it was inadvertently run with the brakes applied. This unfortunately resulted in ‘flats’ on the tyres and now the wheelsets will have to be changed. Luckily due to Gary’s foresight, we have a spare wheelset in stock. This will be used on 2515 and the damaged wheelset sent away for tyre turning and will then be held in reserve.

LCDR Brake third 4115

Underframe preparation is the current focus for 4115, the next grounded body restoration project. Work continues, when weather permits, on dismantling the Horsham van. The ‘Destructors’  Graham Redfern and  Andy Tavener, along with Dave Smart, Dieter Weber and Dave Styles have been doing this work. The country end dismantling is nearly complete! When all ‘destruction’ is finished, the underframe will be inspected, refurbished, shortened by five feet and then painted as necessary ready to receive the body. The design work for this modification is in hand.

4115 will be the first of the LCDR bogie coaches in the restoration programme and was also the first grounded body to arrive at Havenstreet as long ago as 1975.

The rapidly disappearing superstructure of the former Horsham weedkilling train van.
Almost gone!

LBSCR 10-Ton Goods Van 46923

46923 is now painted and lettered, it looks superb! One side of the van has been lettered 'Fish Traffic Only', all we need now is some fish to load into it! Currently on display in 'Train Story'.
This picture was taken outside 'Train Story' during the last week of March, just before the sign writer got to work.
46923 with the lettering complete - Fish traffic only!

LBSCR 10-ton Cattle Wagon 46924

The NRM owned cattle wagon is now in the workshop having woodwork replaced where necessary and a general ‘tidy up’. This is for exhibiting to the public in ‘Train Story’ only and not for running in this season's scheduled goods trains.

The Cattle Wagon gets some attention in the C&W workshop.

LBSCR 10-ton Open Goods 27730

Routine maintenance work on this wagon is nearly complete; it just needs axlebox pads.  We have eight pads in stock but and three were found to be beyond further use, so the best of the serviceable ones will be used on this vehicle. New ones are on order and will be used on 10-ton van 46923. 

27730 takes a space in the workshop, the work has been completed now and it's back outside.

LSWR Crane Match Wagon 429SM

The metal work for the Crane Match Wagon has been removed from the Horsham van as that is being dismantled and is now in our PMV workshop. Jim Scaife continues the work of de-rusting, re-painting and re-furbishing all the re-usable parts.

Coming Soon!

The near future planned activities will be the completion of the two SECR Bogie overhauls, which will lead on to SECR Saloon Composite 6375 receiving the serviceable bogies and returning to traffic; this is a priority job.

Once the refresh of Cattle Wagon has been completed the focus of the Wagon Team will switch to the Crane Match Wagon, John James has some of the oak already in stock for this project enabling this restoration to be progressed.

The first of this season's scheduled goods trains ran today with recently overhauled 'Terrier' W11 'Newport' on the front, the whole train really looks the part and makes all the effort that goes into C&W and locomotive restoration worthwhile! Additional wagons will be on a test run on 22nd April in order to gain approval to join the running heritage wagon fleet.

W11 gets the first goods train of the season away from Havenstreet.
The goods train heads for Wootton, the rear vehicle is LSWR Road Van 56046.

Other News

We are awaiting a quotation for electricians to wire in our newly acquired Colchester Lathe and Bridgeport vertical milling machine in our workshop. These two machines will be a great new asset for us as is the also recently received 5 ton hoist.

Volunteer News

We welcome new volunteers Jim Clarke and John Moore and one returning member Ian Wightmore to our happy band of workers.

New members are always welcome in the C&W team, we always try and fit your skills with appropriate tasks in C&W and training will be given were needed. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these), or just enjoy working in a friendly team environment why not come and join us? Work is carried out on weekdays, at weekends and on some weekday evenings. The first stage is to contact the IWSR Volunteer Coordinator Alan Gaskin on 01983 882204  or visit the Volunteer Information page for more details.

To keep right up to date with progress in the Carriage & Wagon workshop visit C&W Supervisor Gary Walker's Flickr pages.