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Saturday 15 December

Carriage & Wagon News - February 2014

LBSCR 3-Compartment Brake Third 4115

During December 2013 Pete Jardine was able to remove the body section on the south side of the coach body which had been cut in half by the previous owners. This enabled a replacement panel, from our stock of spares, to be fitted in its place. Work has progressed steadily replacing the rotten timbers at the country end.

By the end of 2013 the new main stringer section had been fitted in the south side. This enabled the new corner post to be fitted  in early January, once this was in place work then started on rebuilding the south corner ducket. Part of the work on the ducket will involve us making a curved panel (approx 2 feet square) to fit the contours of the coach body, this should/could be fun!

A view of 4115's brake end, clearly showing the rapid progress being made.
Internally work has started on rebuilding the partitions between the three compartments. The top half of the partition between the two London end compartments has been installed & primed. The top half of the partition between the other two compartments has been partially installed. Once this second partition has been fully installed the replacement body section, mentioned above, will be pulled up into place and firmly fixed into the carriage framework.

As we need new glass for this coach templates have been made to fit the various openings which will be sent off to our supplier to make the appropriate windows. Many of the knee brackets have been fitted and very shortly it is expected that the body will be lowered down onto the underframe & bolted firmly into place.
A closer view of 4115, all of the side panelling has been removed allowing the framework to be repaired where needed.

LBSCR 10-Ton Goods Van 46923

Work has continued at an amazing pace since our last report, the very large pile of prepared & primed timber has now been formed by John James into a very recognisable Van. Once the body construction had been completed various volunteers, including Bob Passmore, John Clarke & Jim Scaife set to rubbing down painting, rubbing down painting, ditto (!) the inside of the van with various coats & types of paint until it eventually looked beautiful in its final coats of gloss cream & brown.

Whilst the inside was being painted John James fitted the lamp brackets at both ends and started work processing a smaller pile of timber. This timber being for the gutters and double skinned doors. No final painting can be done on the outside yet as this has to wait until the roof canvas, which has been ordered, has been fitted and fully painted, i.e. to avoid drip spoiling the outside paintwork.

46923 in the works on 2nd February; a massive transformation since the last edition of Carriage & Wagon News!

What Else Has Been Going On?

The very wet weather we've been having of late has some what slowed progress replacing the badly rusted footplate on the country end of our LT hopper. However by mid January this had progressed to the point where Geoff Downer could actually start fitting it.

As mentioned in our last update the push pull set needed work on its connecting  scissors to allow it easier transit round the Griffins curve. This was made and fitted (by the destructors?!?) shortly before Christmas.

As reported else where on this site, on 23rd December 2013 some passengers were unfortunately injured and two of our bogie carriages were damaged  when they hit a branch which had been brought down by one of the storms which hit the UK. The damage to LBSCR bogie coaches 6349 & 2416 extended to some frame & panel damage on 6349 and a total of 10 windows broken in the two carriages. The morning after the incident the railway's operating staff were able to shunt the damaged carriages undercover and out of the weather into the new storage shed.  At the same time the already formed four wheelers (2343, 2515 and 6378) were moved out from the storage shed and added onto the running set. Thus the storage shed came into its own by saving lots of staff hours and preventing further weather damage to the bogie carriages. The process of replacing the broken windows (which will have to be brought as we don't have that many spare!!!) was started by Bob Passmore very carefully removing most of the broken glass. Derek Atkins then took over to remove the window mouldings and will eventually fit the new glass once it arrives on site.

LBSCR Brake Third 4168 on the inspection pit ready for winter maintenance - 2nd February 2014.
Revarnishing and any necessary repairs have been carried out on on four wheelers 2343 & 4112, the latter having had a new panel installed country end south side.  The last  four wheeler in the winter program, 6369, will be brought in as soon as work on 4112 is complete. Once the winter maintenance is complete on the four wheelers it is then scheduled to begin on the bogies, this obviously includes fixing all the accident damage on 2416 & 6349.

In early January one of the Horsham vans  came back into the C&W sidings so work could continue on preparing its underframe for use under the next bogie carriage to be restored, LCDR brake 3rd 4115. Work was done during 2013 to clear rubbish and various fitments from the inside of the carriage and in January Stuart Butt together with the destructors set to removing all the body superstructure from the underframe.

Even though John James still hasn't completed the rebuild of LBSCR van 46923, the grass isn't being given a chance to  grow under his feet! By the time this update is published our crane match truck (429SM) will have been brought into the C&W back road so John can measure up for appropriate materials for him to fully restore it as his next project.
Parcels train?  Some of our extensive collection of SR vans, the majority purchased in the 1980s and 90s to provide underframes for the Grounded Body restoration programme, stand in the platform at Havenstreet during February 2014.

Volunteer News

ALL new volunteers are made very welcome to the C&W team, we always try and fit volunteer skills or interests with appropriate tasks in C&W; it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have the more restoration and maintenance that can be done to the IWSR's unique rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming part of our team then please contact the railway's Volunteer Coordinator Alan Gaskin at Havenstreet on 01983 882204 or e-mail  

To keep right up to date with progress in the Carriage & Wagon workshop visit Carriage & Wagon Supervisor Gary Walker's Flickr pages.