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Saturday 01 December

Carriage & Wagon News - January 2015

LBSCR 9 Compartment Third 2416

Good News, the frame repair is now complete, allowing a crane to visit Havenstreet on 3rd December to reunite frame and body. The frame is looking very smart now that it is all back together, all clean and repainted  - good for another 98 years!

There is still much to do in securing the body to the frame and reconnecting the steam heating and the air brake piping.

The coach is now in the phase of “normal” winter maintenance; paintwork touch up and full revarnish, A exam and this year it is being treated to new moquette in all 9 compartments, so that's 18 backs, 18 bases and 36 cushions for John James to produce!

Congratulations to the core 2416 team of Gary Walker, Dave Smart, Peter Jardine and Colin Ward, plus the many others who have helped, for all of their hard work in completing this major (unplanned) repair.
2416's undeframe on 2nd December, complete and ready to be reunited with the body on the following morning.
The body of 2416 is transferred onto the refurbished underframe - 3rd December 2014.
CW Jan 15 3
2416 in the C&W Workshop on 23rd December.  The footboards are being fitted back in place, work on flattening down the paintwork ready to take varnish is evident.
The first reupholstered seat backs positioned in compartment C.

LCDR 5 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Work on this vehicle remains focussed on preparing the underframe to receive the body. Good progress is continuing, with Bob Passmore doing much sterling work with the needle gun and Dieter Webber working on the components for the country end bogie.

Three wheelsets have now returned from the South Devon Railway where the journals were turned and polished. The London end bogie is now cleaned, needle-gunned, painted and back on its wheels. Only the wheelsets have been re-fitted to the country end bogie, the framework is not yet needle gunned or repainted. Final reassembly will take place once all of the prepartion work has been completed.

This work has been a priority so that the bogies can be re-fitted to the underframe, making it mobile once again. It can then be moved off of our rail/road delivery siding to enable some essential stock arrivals and departures to take place.

The Country End bogie back on wheels, there is still a way to go before this bogie is fully refurbished.
The London End bogie, back on wheels and fully refurbished.

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Good progress is being made on this restoration, with four doors now fitted and the fifth currently being worked on.

The passenger compartments floor is now complete and in the guards van the hand brake mountings have been completed, the floor structural mountings are in place, the floor installed and the hand brake stand fitted.

The Glass and hardwood to construct new window bolections have been ordered and the mouldings for the London End are under way.

The sanding and painting of the interior walls and ceilings is making good progress throughout.
The hand brake stand in place.  4115 is the second four-wheel brake coach to be restored, the other is 4112, half of the LCDR Push-Pull set.
Compartment dividers have now been installed.
An end view of LBSCR 4115, clearly showing the progress made on the bodywork and mouldings.

LBSCR 5 Compartment Third 2343

During the first weekend of Christmas trains, 2343 developed a series of flats on one wheelset As the profiles were also close to the limit the decision was made to replace both wheelsets. The swop was carried out carried out in time for the carriage to resume service in the week before Christmas.

The wheelset swap was carried out by using the recently constructed lifting beam. This made the task so much easier, although plenty of hard work was still involved.
CW Jan 15 GW 1
LBSCR 2343 suspended from the lifting bar during the operation to change over the wheelsets.

LCDR Brake Third Saloon 4112

Work had started to fit new moquette but had to be curtailed as 4112 was required back in traffic to increase the seating capacity in the Christmas set. 

Work will recommence once the upholstery work on 2416 is complete.

SECR Bogies

The pair of bogies destined for 6375 have taken a back seat whilst we have concentrated on the repairs to 2416. With 2416's body and underframe reunited, the bogies were brought back into the C&W workshop before Christmas.  Work on the bogies will start again in the New Year with the aim of having 6375 back in traffic during the 2015 season.

When 6375 returns to service we will once again have five bogie coaches in traffic. The increased seating capacity will reduce the overcrowding experienced during the 2014 high season, when we were down to only three serviceable bogie coaches.
CW Jan 15 GW 2
Work to overhaul these SECR bogies will start again in the New Year.

Other News

The annual re-varnishing is now well under way with 2416 currently receiving attention, all six 4 wheelers have already been dealt with. Once completed, the coaches are moved into Train Story for undercover storage and exhibition, where they will stay until required for the 2015 operating season.

The railway has been offered another historic 4-wheel body, LBSCR Saloon 7996. This carriage could carry 12 passengers in 2 saloon compartments and had a pantry and toilet. The body will be arriving at Havenstreet in the future.
The latest grounded body acquired by the IWSR - LBSCR Saloon 7996.
It was mentioned earlier that the reason for re-fitting the bogies to LCDR 4115 is to free up the delivery road. This will allow the arrival of another PMV and also a track tamping machine, the railway is getting a full-line tamp this winter. The way will also be clear to allow Ivatt 41313 to depart for the East Somerset Railway where it will be overhauled under contract.
On 'Santa Special' days the SHARK brake van and PMV 1046 formed the 'North Pole Shuttle' bringing Santa's presents from the Arctic, which is apparently located somewhere behind Train Story!

Join The Team

New volunteers are always very welcome in C&W. We always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks and it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have, the more restoration and maintenance can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Frances Yunnie on 01983 882204 or by e-mail on  Full details of volunteering opportunities on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway can be found HERE.

Keep Up To Date with C&W

We may work on equipment from the age of steam but our methods of communication are bang up to date!

In a new initiative for this year,C&W team member Derek Atkins has created an (unofficial) Facebook page which carries the latest information about progress in the C&W workshop, called  IWSR C&W Happenings.

In addition, C&W Supervisor Gary Walker has a frequently updated Flickr site, carrying plenty of recent pictures of C&W activity.