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Carriage & Wagon News - July 2013

LBSCR 8-Compartment Third 2403

Since our last update 2403 has returned to C&W for several tasks to be completed so it can enter traffic for the first time ever on our line. Gary Walker, together with the destructors, finished fitting the pipework for the brakes & steam heat, they also completed making and fitting the braking linkages. Derek Gardener finished of the work on the internal door between compartments A & B, this included sanding then applying several coats of varnish. Derek was then helped by Tony Woodfield to hang the door in place. Derek Atkins & John Middleton gradually worked from the London end compartment to the country end having real fun fitting the nets to all the luggage racks. The next job completed was to fit all the compartment heater guards. Various volunteers crawled round underneath waving paint bushes at anything that had missed previous coats of paint. Stuart Butt fabricated the communication cord flags and fitted them. Once all work was complete in all compartments Pete Jardine gave them all a wash & brush up ready for the paying public in due course. The carriage then had full ‘A’ & ‘C’ exams together with local testing. On the 1st June 2403 took to the tracks for the first time being hauled, together with two of our four wheelers, to Wootton then to Smallbrook. This test run, which was the first time it had run anywhere since 1931, went without hitch and it was hoped that once paperwork was complete the carriage would enter service and be our first bogie coach with disabled access. However this formal process uncovered an issue with the carriage which will need to be remedied before the carriage can take paying passengers.
Derek Gardener sanding the internal door which will hang between compartments A & B.
Derek, helped by Tony Woodfield, hanging the door.
The last of the heater guards, as fitted by Derek Atkins.
2403's very first visit to Smallbrook Junction (it had never before run on the Isle of Wight) on 1st June 2013.
On the same day 2403 is seen at Wootton, with the sun shining on this beautiful looking carriage.
Please click on this link to see latest information & photographs on the restoration of 2403.

LBSCR 3-compartment brake third 4115

Although there's still some work to be completed on the underframe before the body can be craned on to it it didn't prevent work starting on the coach body whilst it still sits in Griffins. John Middleton & Tony Woodfield fought their way through the mud and long grass to reach the body. They then cleared out all the rubbish and “residential” fitments. Although it's a bit early to know for sure, i.e. until it's back in C&W & the body panels are removed, but most of the framework looks to be in fairly good condition. If this proves to be the case then this will obviously reduce the work required to restore this coach. Derek Gardener has started work on cleaning & repairing the various doors. In late June Dave Smart with a team of well-rehearsed helpers set about finishing off the riveting of the new headstocks onto the underframe. This will allow a few other tasks to be completed on the underframe in readiness for the arrival of the coach body. Fingers crossed the forecast summer deluge doesn't materialise as Griffins is slowly drying out which will enable the ground to bare the weight of the crane needed to move this body and various other grounded bodies. The body for LBSCR 4115 is destined for C&W, but the others need to move so the digging out of the track fan for the storage building can be completed!
Cleared of all rubbish and 'residual extras', this is the interior of the brake compartment.
4115's compartment end.
Dave Smart and Pete Jardine, riveting one of the new headstocks onto the underframe.
Please click on this link to see the latest photographs on the restoration of 4115.

LBSCR 10 ton goods van 3713

Work on this van has proceeded apace since our last update. John James together with a band of helpers very quickly reduced the van to various piles of bits, some to keep and some to scrap. Most of the metalwork is in good enough condition that it can be cleaned painted and reused. The centre wooden section of the underframe is in surprisingly good condition and apart from the odd small repair will be reused. However the sole bars, headstocks & crib rails are past help and will be replaced with new well-seasoned oak.

No sooner had dismantling of the van been completed than the new oak arrived and was transported into the workshop where John James wasted no time in marking it out & then started cutting joints in it. By the morning of the 20th June all the joints had been cut in the replacement sole bars & headstocks. John James together with several volunteers moved all the timber from the workshop out to the C&W display area (north road London end) where reassembly of the underframe commenced. By mid-afternoon the centre section, all original timber, had been reassembled the new sole bars had been attached as had both new headstocks. John James then started drilling & chiselling the new oak to take some of the metalwork which has already been cleaned and painted. Whilst John was doing this Derek Atkins applied just one more coat of wood preservative to the new oak sections.
Work begins on dismantling the body of 3713.
Very quickly the body parts had been removed and John James was able to set about removing the metal components from the underframe.
All metal off and wheels out.
John James and others set about dismantling the underframe.
And there it was gone!  3713 is now just a kit of parts.
As soon as the new oak for the underframe arrived John James started trimming it to size and cutting out the joints.
Ready to commence reassembly of the frames.
The original centre section reassembled with the new oak solebars attached.
The new headstocks fitted, the rebuilt frame is currently being held together with tie bars.
Please click on this link to see the latest photographs on the restoration of 3713.

What else has been going on?

Apart from the work detailed above the following tasks have been progressed by various staff & volunteers in C&W:

Bogie coach 6349 came into C&W so that various small body repairs could be carried out, after which the coach had a full revarnish. Whilst the work on the body was in progress both bogies were removed and various worn pins & bushes were replaced by new ones turned by Gary Walker & Dave Smart. Between them Gary & Dave made approximately 40 new pins & 140 bushes which were shared between the bogies on 6349 & 2416. Reassembly of the bogies was proceeded by all the parts being cleaned & painted. Whilst 6349 was in C&W one of its leaf springs was donated to 2416 to replace one with a broken leaf. The swap was required to get 2416 back in traffic ASAP as the IWSR doesn't possess any spare springs! Thus 6349s return to traffic was delayed until we could get the broken spring repaired by an external spring repair specialist.
Country End bogie of 6349 ready for clean-up, overhaul and repaint.
Stuart Butt blasting 6349 bogie components to remove years of accumulated grime.
The repaint of 2515 was completed in mid-May, it then had its ‘A’ & ‘C’ exams and returned to traffic.
Tony Woodfield glossing the London End buffers of 2515.
The third of our ballast hoppers, this time an ex LT one, came into C&W to be de-rusted & totally repainted. A couple of sections had rusted through so these are in the process of being cut out & will be replaced by new steel.
The third ballast hopper in for a clean-up, repair and repaint.
I was one of several at the IWSR AGM who had guided tours inside of the 'Changing Trains' storage shed, it looks even BIGGER from the inside! It was very interesting to see how the fitting out of the inside was progressing. Since the AGM in early May work is now well advance with building the platform in one of the bays. The sprinkler system has been installed and the display hall at the end of the building is slowly being fitted out.
Inside one of the bays of the Heritage Lottery Fund supported 'Changing Trains' storage shed.
As mentioned in our last update 6375 had to be withdrawn from traffic due to the condition of it bogies. The underframe from 4149 was in the C&W sidings and its bogies would, once repaired be suitable for fitting to 6375. So it was decided to crane 4149s underframe onto a mobile underframe and both then moved out of the C&W sidings into Griffins. This then enabled the 4149 bogies to be moved into the C&W workshop leaving the C&W sidings clear for any needed traffic movements. Because of the amount of work required it is expected that it'll be several months before the bogies will be fitted under 6375. Dave Smart & Stuart Butt are working on the bogies grinding off rivet heads and drilling & knocking out the remains so the badly rusted steel sections can be replaced with new.
4149's bogies in the C&W workshop for major repairs, they will be used to return 6375 to traffic as soon as they are completed.
Another carriage body has been donated to the IWSR, but the fabric of this one is somewhat beyond help from the John James magic wand. But although the carriage itself cannot be saved, many components from it will be useful in restoring other of grounded bodies; to this end Dave Smart plus the “destructors” headed off to start the work of striping down the vehicle.

New volunteers

We'd like to welcome Dieter Webber and Jim Rule who have joined the group of C&W volunteers since our last update.

ALL new volunteers are made very welcome in C&W, we always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks in C&W and it goes without saying but the more volunteers we have the more restoration and maintenance that can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these) and you're interested in becoming a volunteer then more details can be found here or please contact  Alan Gaskin on

Further pictures of IWSR C&W Dept. progress can be seen on C&W team member Derek Atkins’ website.