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Saturday 01 December

Carriage & Wagon News -June 2015

LCDR 5 compartment Brake Third 4115

Due to the lack of workshop space, we have decided that 4115's frame will be stored in Griffins Field for a period awaiting a space in the workshop programme. For maximum protection all of the centre section, including that to be modified, has been painted up to gloss

The complete scheme for shortening the frame has been written by Mark Brinton and is awaiting approval.

The ‘Destructors’ (Graham Redfern, Jim Ruler and Andy Tavener) have now reassembled the country end Buffers and draw gear and the country end bogie now has wheelsets and bolsters installed. The leaf springs have been fitted with new spring hanger bolts, although at a later date the springs will be removed and modified to take out leaves as they are too stiff in their present configuration.
The ‘Destructors’ using the gantry to replace the bolster.
Replacing the Country End wheelsets.

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Pete Jardine and his team are making steady progress with all the bolections for the guard’s section window mouldings, they are cut out and taped into place, but not yet profiled. All compartment ceilings are primed and in Compartment B the walls are undercoated and the scumble undercoat has been applied.

The interior cladding has been made and fitted into the Brake van and four door locks and catch plates are fitted, the remaining locks are all to hand and ready for fitting.

All exterior mouldings are complete and work is under way cutting timber for the door thresholds. The exterior undercoating is continuing well.
Compartment B interior with painting preparation work, including scumble undercoat, well underway.
Interior cladding fitted in 4115's Brake Van.

SECR 4 Compartment Brake third 4149 Bogies

The construction of 16 new horn guides is under way by Les Morgan, Gary Walker and Dave Smart. Dave is removing the old horns, 15 are out to date with just one to go before the gas ran out! In addition to the 16 spring hanger bushes which have been made by Gary, he has also produced 64 new brake hanger bushes. 

The original bolster bottom planks have been scrapped as they were badly corroded and were distorting, new ones are being made. No 1 has been formed, drilled, machined and painted and is now fully assembled with spring plinths and knife edges in place. No 2 is in progress with all holes drilled, it is currently being painted prior to being bolted together. 
Dave Smart working on a bolster bottom plank.
The holes are drilled and spring plinths temporarily bolted into place.
Drilled and painted, ready for assembly.
The worn out horn guides removed.

SECR Dropside 62888

This wagon is now complete, painted and nearly ready to go! It just needs a few paint touch ups and some bolts to be changed, it is hoped that we can do a test run within the next two weeks – then there is all the paperwork to be done!

62888 nearly ready to go, another John James work of art!

PMV 1046

The roof canvas of PMV S1046 is now complete with six undercoats and two gloss coats. The underframe has been chipped, re-painted and where necessary the paintwork on the body has been attended to by Steve and his gang.
1046 with new roof, underframe repainted and the body painted where needed.

British Railways 13 Ton Dropside High 483700

483700 is maintained in the livery of local Coal Merchant Hucknulls of Cowes, it was brought into the works for body maintenance and a repaint. The wagon has had four new end planks fitted and the paintwork stripped off and started again from scratch. Two primer coats, two undercoats and four gloss coats have been applied. Now it looks like new, thanks to Steve and his team
483700, re-painting finished and awaiting lettering.

Other News

The space on the south side of the C&W workshop currently taken by the Ryde Pier Tram tent will shortly be vacated, further restoration of this unique vehicle will be taking place off site. This will allow us to take 2 of our PMVs off track and into the vacant space. One will be used for the repair of wagon bits and pieces. the other will be a store for spare parts. This will release a good deal of workshop space, allowing us to allocate more space to workbenches.

The 2 remaining IWR Oldbury bodies in the Barnfield (on the other side of the road from the Station) are shortly to be moved into Train Story to protect them from the ravages of the weather. The only other vehicle in the Barnfield is ex Island PMV S1052, which will be put back on the track. All of the vehicles that were grounded in the Barnfield will now have better futures.

LCDR Brake third 4134 ('Serena' to her friends, that was her holiday chalet name!) which is in open storage in Griffins Field has had one of the redundant four wheeler protective bags put on to keep the weather out.

LBSCR Cattle Waggon 46924 was officially handed over to The Isle of Wight Steam Railway by Andrew McLean, Head Curator of the National Rail Museum, on Saturday 6th June during the Train Story official opening.

The railway has purchased a quantity of triple valves from the Talyllyn Railway along with a triple valve test bench.  This really useful piece of kit will be modified to test triple valves for use with the larger size of brake cylinders in use on our railway.

David Sunderland has started carrying out ‘heavy’ cleaning inside the compartments of the bogie set when they are available to him – any volunteers to assist him will be welcomed with open arms!
LCDR Brake Third 4134 'Serena' is now under a protective cover in Griffins Field.  This is one of the covers previously used to 'bag up' the 4-wheel stock each winter, now thankfully made redundant by Train Story.
The recently acquired triple valve test bench, awaiting modification before it can be brought into use.

Join The Team

We welcome John Hitch as a new volunteer in the C&W Team.

New volunteers are always very welcome in C&W. We always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks and it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have, the more restoration and maintenance can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Frances Yunnie on 01983 882204 or by e-mail on  Full details of volunteering opportunities on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway can be found HERE.

Keep in touch with C&W

We may work on equipment from the age of steam but our methods of communication are bang up to date!

In a new initiative for this year,C&W team member Derek Atkins has created an (unofficial) Facebook page which carries the latest information about progress in the C&W workshop, called  IWSR C&W Happenings.  There is now a further Facebook page featuring progress on the SECR Carriages Appeal Project.

In addition, C&W Supervisor Gary Walker has a frequently updated Flickr site, carrying plenty of recent pictures of C&W activity.





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