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Saturday 15 December

Carriage & Wagon News - March 2014

LBSCR 3-Compartment Brake Third 4115

LBSCR 4115, now fastened down onto the new underframe, on 23rd February 2014.
During early February the body was lowered onto the underframe and bolted into place, all of the main body structure is now complete. Pete Jardine is removing the floor as it was badly worn and some of the cross beams supporting the floor need attention too. Our pictures show how wheels flanges have cut into one crossbeam, leaving a deep groove. This won’t happen with the underframe that is currently being used as the wheels are smaller and the springs stiffer that the original.
Wheel flange wear on a cross timber. This damage was sustained at least 83 years ago, the body was removed from the original underframe in 1931!
The new flooring, which is already on site, will be machined for ‘tongues and grooves’ and then fitted to the three passenger compartments. The two compartment dividing partitions can then be completed from the cross beam down to the floor. Pete Jardine is also replacing the floor in the brake compartment, but the floor supports there will also need modifying. The Brake Stand, which is an original LBSCR fitting, would normally be mounted centrally, but the drawbar is also on the centre line and in the way, so the Brake Stand will be moved about 4 inches to the side. The floor mountings will be changed and strengthened to take the considerable weight of the brake stand and the extra downward force exerted when the brakes are applied.
A view of the interior with floor removed. The left hand end of the second cross member shows the damage caused by rubbing wheel flanges.
Work on the Guard’s lookout duckets is proceeding;  there is no easy way of steaming the ply-wood panels to bend them to fit the contours, they will be fabricated using three layers of 3mm ply each of which will bend to the contour required and then they will be bonded together and fixed firmly in place. The outside cladding will be the next task when the plywood is available.

The team are making rapid progress on 4115's restoration; this major project to restore a 4-wheeled coach all of a sudden seems that little bit easier when compared with our last restoration, a 9-compartment bogie coach!
The interior of the brake compartment.

LBSCR 10 Ton Goods Van 46923

Work continues at an amazing pace; painting of the wooden structure is largely complete inside and out, except for the final outside coat. John James, assisted by John Clarke, has been working on the roof, the canvas and gutters are now fitted. More coats of paint have been applied to the whole roof, the latest one being the first gloss coat – one more to go! John has also made and fitted the doors, Bob Passmore has made a start on their painting. Bob has also competed the underframe and the brake linkage paintwork. It will not be long before Peter Clowes can make a start on the sign writing which will be SR style large lettering.

With interior and exterior paintwork well on the way to completion, the restoration of 46923 is now in the final stages.

LBSCR Third 2416 & LBSCR Composite 6349

Derek Atkins has removed the bolections (the window mouldings) from the 10 broken windows on 6349 and 2416, the coaches damaged by a fallen tree branch on 23rd December 2013. 2416 had 5 side lights and one droplight broken, 6349 had 4 side lights broken. Derek has cleaned out the window recesses and is now cleaning the bolections up and priming them ready for re-fitting when the new window glass arrives. Once the windows are re-fitted and the coaches are once again weather tight, 6349 will be moved onto the C&W inspection pit for it’s ‘A’ exam. It is then booked into the workshop for paintwork to be repaired as necessary, followed by re-varnishing ready for the new season. 2416 will follow 6349 through this sequence.

6349 and 2416 being prepared for replacement windows in the Train Story building.

LBSCR 5-Compartment Brake Third 4168

4168 has had its annual mechanical ‘A’ exam on the C&W pit, whilst it was there the paintwork was flatted down with Scotch Bright.  It is now in the workshop for winter maintenance of paintwork and re-varnishing. The south side paintwork needed considerable patching – in excess of 100 patches. Steph Hollis and Gary Walker have been working hard to complete this so that they can move onto the re-varnishing . The ends are still to be flatted and the North side will be examined closely, but is not as bad as the south! All this work should be completed during early March.

Carriage & Wagon Supervisor Gary Walker applies his expert touch to 4168's paintwork.
Steph Hollis attacks one of the may areas requiring attention on the South side of 4168.

LBSCR 8-Compartment Third 2403

2403 has been over the inspection pit undergoing an  ‘A’ exam. There is nothing much to report at the moment except a brake anomaly which is being dealt with. Sometimes the brakes ‘leak off’ more quickly than would be expected. No air leaks can be heard, so it might be a brake cylinder or triple valve fault.

Outside on the C&W inspection pit, Steph Hollis prepares 2403's paintwork for varnishing. 23rd February 2014.

LSWR Match Wagon 429SM

The crane match truck was brought into the workshop and has been dismantled so that the metal fittings can be re-used when it is re-built by John James. All the old woodwork has been scrapped, but 95% of the metalwork is in good condition and can be re-used. It is being needle-gunned and primed in one of the Horsham vans outside the workshop doors as our workshop van has been moved to make way for the construction of the visitor’s path to the Train Story building. The remaining 5% of the metalwork will require some more drastic attention.

The oak for the re-built match truck underframe is already in stock in our storage van, so John will have to sort what he needs from a stack of 6 tons of oak timbers!
Some of the metal parts of 429SM prepared for the re-build.

LCDR Brake third 4115

One of the Horsham vans is being dismantled outside the workshop so that the underframe can be cleaned up for use under LCDR brake 3rd 4115. This will be the first of the LCDR bogie coaches in the restoration programme and was also the first grounded body to arrive at Havenstreet as long ago as 1975.

Some asbestos has been found on the vehicle and it will be removed shortly. Once work can safely continue the ‘Destructors’ will get back on with dismantling the bodywork. When the body is removed the underframe will need to be shortened by 5 feet, probably by making two cuts taking out 30 inches each.

Demolition in progress!

SECR Bogie Repairs

The bogies from under SECR Brake Third 4149 are currently being overhauled for use under SECR Saloon 6375; 6375’s bogies will then be overhauled tp be used under 4149 once major underframe repairs have been completed.  The first bogie to be worked on is now waiting for riveting, the other is inside the workshop waiting for fabrication of the brake support framework to take place.

This work is part of a wider plan to bring the SECR bogie fleet back up to operational standard.  Brake Thirds 4145/9 are currently out of service awaiting underframe repairs with 6375 out of traffic until the bogie swap is completed, a priority task for the C&W team this year.

The Isle of Wight Steam Railway has launched an appeal to raise the £50,000 needed to repair these historic carriages and get them back into service where they belong. Details of the appeal can be found HERE.

This SECR bogie is waiting outside for riveting, the other is currently inside the workshop.

Train Story

Most of the carriages are now stabled either in the Heritage Lottery funded Train Story building or under the lean-to, safe from the ravages of the harsh wind and rain experienced throughout this autumn and winter.  This is the first time since the IWSR was established at Havenstreet in 1971 that our historic carriage fleet has been able to shelter from the weather, the days of ‘bagging up’ the fleet in canvas covers are now well and truly behind us!  Work continues to prepare the building for its role of exhibiting our locomotive and carriage fleet, it really will be an exhibition space worth visiting when it opens to the public this spring.

The 4-wheelers get the benefit of the Train Story lean-to, February 2014.

Coming Soon!

After John James and his team have completed the LBSCR 10 ton van, LBSCR 5-plank 27730 will be next into the works. It was last dealt with about 5 or 6 years ago, some work needs doing to bring it up to standard to run in the demonstration goods trains scheduled for this year. There is corrosion to tie bars, both longitudinal cross, plus a few other things that need attention. After the 5 planker, LBSCR Cattle/Passengers Luggage in Advance Van 46924 (on loan from the National Railway Museum)  will be in for a tidy up to make it look presentable, although it will not be brought up to running standard at this stage.

Other News

We recently had the opportunity to acquire a Colchester lathe, Bridgeport vertical milling machine  and a 5-ton hoist, which will greatly enhance our workshop capability. Their arrival gave us the impetus to have a good clear out and move around; even though we have more machines we now appear to have more space!

The old P Way HQ, an LSWR ‘Ironclad’ body, is being converted for use as loco stores and the end nearest the C&W Workshop possibly as an office. John Middleton, Tony Woodfield and Bob Passmore have been working hard panelling the inside.

We were sad to say good-bye to Stuart Butt during February. He has been a full-time member of staff for 8 years and was involved with the railway as a volunteer for many years before that. He is now working for a well-known Island omnibus operator, where his skill with a paint brush is already being put to good use; we all wish him good luck with his new venture.


Join the Team!

We would like to welcome Geoff Cox who has recently joined our happy band of volunteers in C&W

New members are always welcome in the C&W team, we always try and fit your skills with appropriate tasks in C&W and training will be given were needed. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these), or just enjoy working in a friendly team envornment why not come and join us? Work is carried out on weekdays, at weekends and on some weekday evenings. The first stage is to contact the IWSR Volunteer Coordinator Alan Gaskin on 01983 882204  or E Mail

To keep right up to date with progress in the Carriage & Wagon workshop visit C&W Supervisor Gary Walker's Flickr pages.