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Saturday 01 December

Carriage & Wagon News - May 2014

LBSCR Third 2416

Earlier this month 2416 went through its A exam on the inspection pit and work was done repacking the bolsters to level the coach. It was then part re-varnished and subsequently spent three weeks in traffic. In the second week of May it was in the workshop to complete its annual re-varnishing. Steph Steel and Steve Rowntree were in charge of the re-varnish and it was out of the workshop by the end of the third week in May with the re-varnishing successfully complete and the coach available for the season.

LBSCR 2416 re-varnishing
Steve Rowntree applies the finishing touches to 2416's varnish, this coach has now been released to traffic for the season.

LBSCR Composite 6349

As expected in last month’s report, this coach left the workshop and is now in traffic for the season.  A brake fault led to its withdrawal from service on the Sunday afternoon of the Spring Bank Holiday gala weekend, reducing the bogie set to only three vehicles.  Swift work by Gary Walker and Dave Smart saw the fault rectified and the coach back in service by lunchtime the following day.  With Chatham Brake Third 4145 out of service pending underframe repairs, 6349 will be the only BR maroon liveried coach in service this year, although 4145 can still be seen by visitors in the Train Story building.

LCDR Brake Third 4115

Work is now speeding up as the ‘destructors’ (Graham Redfern, Andy Tavener, Phil Mair and Jim Rule) have been able to continue work on dismantling the bodywork of the Horsham van.

During the second week in May they completed this phase of the work. Much still remains to be done on the frame and they pushing on with this. The frame needs to be shortened by 5ft and this is no mean task. Gary Walker expects to carry this out by taking out two 2ft 6in sections, the design for this is being drawn up by Mark Brinton. Also the ‘paperwork Trail’ has been started which will eventually culminate in the finished coach being certified to carry passengers on our railway.
C&W Destructors and the Horsham van frame. May 14.
'The Destructors' removing unwanted fittings from the underframe.

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

The country end panelling is coming on well. The north side ducket panel laminating is complete; the mouldings had to be soaked prior to bending and fixing, after a lot of effort they are now in place! The floor is as complete as it can be at this stage, Peter Jardine is still waiting for the initial shrinkage to stop before fitting the final plank. John Middleton and Derek Atkins are currently working on the London End panelling, the side panels and mouldings.

LBSCR 4115 N Side May 14.
The South Side ducket mouldings now in place.
4115 29 May 14
Work continues at pace, by 29th May the Country End has received and undercoat, Derek Atkins is working at roof level.
4115 door work May 14
Also on 29th May, Mike Reed working on one of 4115's doors.

LCDR 5 Compartment Third 2515

The spare wheel sets for this coach are ready for fitting and, as you can see below, we have received the I section beam ready to have the lifting brackets etc welded in place by Dave Smart to convert it into the lifting beam to support the coach whilst the damaged wheel set (flat tyres!) is removed and the spare wheel set fitted. The cranes on the wheel drop will be used to lift the coach with the new lifting beam being used to spread the load.

By the beginning of the third week in May Dave Smart had completed the welding of the lifting eyes and the coach support pads. The new beam has now been painted by Bob Passmore and Jim Clark.

Lifting Beam ready for testing - May 14
The lifting beam complete and ready for load testing.

LBSCR 10-Ton Goods Van (ex Cattle Wagon) 46923

The replacement of rotted woodwork and a paintwork ‘tidy up’ is now complete. This wagon, on loan from the National Railway Museum, has been moved into the Train Story building where it can be seen close-up by our visitors.

Cattle Wagon in Train Story - May 14.
The cosmetically refurbished Cattle Wagon on display in Train Story.  This NRM wagon has been on loan to the IWSR since the 1980s. 

London Transport Ballast Hopper 64345

This hopper wagon has been in the workshop for the past few weeks for a repaint and has been changing colour depending on which coat of paint was on last!

It is now finished in a smart gloss black and has been re-lettered by Peter Clowes. The main work on this repaint was been done by John Clarke, Jim Clark, Steve Rowntree & Dieter Weber.

LT Hopper repaint - May 14
64345 complete in gloss black.
LT Hopper repaint - May 14 - 2
Chief Signwriter Peter Clowes applying the lettering.

LSWR Crane Match Wagon 429SM

Jim Scaife carried on working diligently to tidy up the metalwork, giving everyone within earshot a loud and somewhat un-melodious symphony played on the needle gun!

At the same time, John James was ploughing on with preparing the new oak beams for the frame of the wagon, ready to assemble the frame as soon as the metalwork re-furbishing was complete. The frame assembly work got underway in last weeks of May, 429 is starting to look like a wagon once again!

429SM Frame May 14
John James rests his hand on his latest piece of work - 29th May 2014.

SECR Well B 61056

This wagon is now  in the workshop for the frame to be painted and the wooden deck to be given preservative treatment. The main work on this repaint is being done by John Clarke, Jim Clark, Steve Rowntree & Dieter Weber.

Well B May 14
The refresh of the Well B is well advanced on 29th May 2014.

Other News

The Colchester Lathe  and the Bridgeport Vertical milling machine have now been wired in and David Stiles has designed and fitted new guards to both machines. They have both been put to good use machining the lifting eyes and the coach support pads and swivel pins for the coach lifting beam.

Les Morgan has been carrying out modifications to the interpretation boards that have been made for display in LSWR Road Van 56046 when it is open for public viewing whilst in Train Story.  They can now be removed easily when the Road Van is required out on the road as part of our heritage goods train.

Several C&W volunteers are to be trained as shunters, so that they can help with the increasing amount of shunting that is now needed to move stock in and out of the workshop.
BR 483733 May 14
A relative youngster amongst our fleet of wagons, 1949-built BR 13-ton Dropside 483733 was shunted into the works on 29th May for a refresh of its Southern Region Civil Engineers grey livery.  John Clark is seen getting the work underway.

Join The Team!

New members are always welcome in the C&W team, we try and fit your skills with appropriate tasks in C&W and training will be given were needed. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these), or just enjoy working in a friendly team environment why not come and join us? Work is carried out on weekdays, at weekends and on some weekday evenings. The first stage is to contact the IWSR Volunteer Coordinator Alan Gaskin on 01983 882204  or visit the Volunteer Information page for more details.

To keep right up to date with progress in the Carriage & Wagon workshop visit C&W Supervisor Gary Walker's Flickr pages.

Pause for thought...

As the Spring Bank Holiday Gala fades from memory it's worth reflecting on the achievements of the Carriage & Wagon Department and it's contribution to the success of the IWSR in portraying the Isle of Wight Railways 'as they used to be'.

During the Gala our three Island engines were in steam and working trains together for the first time in 12 years, and just look at those trains; the Victorian 4-wheelers, the 4-coach LBSCR bogie set and the heritage goods train.  Of the nine immaculately restored passenger coaches in service over the weekend, only three arrived at Havenstreet on their own wheels.  Six of the seven goods vehicles are wooden-framed and have been totally rebuilt by the C&W team, some from little more than matchwood.

We really do have so much to be proud of, but of course, there is still so much more work left to be done!
W11 on the heritage goods. Spring Gala 2014
Absolutely looking the part, A1x 'Terrier' W11 at the head of the heritage goods train near Woodhouse Crossing in the Wootton section.