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Saturday 15 December

Carriage & Wagon News - May 2015

LCDR 5 compartment Brake Third 4115

The underframe is now in black undercoat except for the centre section which will be modified to reduce the overall length by 5 ft. The country end bogie frame and fittings are being needle gunned and painted by Bob Passmore, Dieter Webber, Jim Scaife and Colin Withers and is currently in either green primer, black undercoat or a tasteful shade of rust. Once this iscompleted reassembly will be started.


The Destructors (Graham Redfern, Jim Ruler and Andy Tavener)have been busy removing the inner bushes from the country end buffer housings and as this had not been done to the London end housings, they were taken off again and the inner bushes removed from them too – all with considerable effort, grinding and hammering.


The London end Bogie was taken out of the frame in the firstweek in May to re-fit the brake gear. The Destructors (or maybe ‘Constructors’in this instance) were working their usual magic on this. 


An inner buffer bush being tidied up.


A rather corroded buffer housing awaiting refurbishment.


The London End bogie having its brake gear refitted.

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Peter Jardine and his team have been making good progress since the last update with things happening on many fronts. In the guards compartment the guard’s seats are making progress and the first inward opening door is on, but not yet finished. The guard’s ducket window moulding are started but not finished and there is a ‘tear drop’ shaped wooden mounting that has been made to drawing, mounted and painted, but as yet no-one knows quite what it is there for – Has anyone any knowledge of what it might be? Photo below.

Compartment ‘B’ is in undercoat the seat bars are in place and the seat planking in place. Enough planking had been cut for two seats. 

The window mouldings are under way and also the destination board mountings. Door planking has also been cut and fitted to some of the doors. On the roof, the cantrails and the roof end moulding are fitted.

The mystery lozenge. It would have a bracket near the top and a hoop bracket lower down – does anyone know what it was used for?
Compartment B seat front bars complete and the walls etc in undercoat.
Some of the window mouldings that have been cut.
First Inward opening Guard’s door mounted, although not yet finished.
Second inward opening Guard’s door in progress.
The first seat planking in place.

SECR Dropside 62888

John James has been his usual busy self and the underframe is now together and the wheels on, springs on and the buffers and draw gear too. The end posts are mounted and the floor is cut ready for putting in. The intermediate draw bars are welded up and machined ready for fitting and then the floor can go down.
Wheels, springs, buffers, draw gear and dropside hinges mounted. John has been busy!

SECR Bogies

The construction of 16 new horn guides is under way by Les Morgan, Gary Walker and Dave Smart. Shortly the old horns will be removed. Also 16 spring hanger bushes have been made by Gary and the hangers machined by Dave Smart to take them. About 50 bushes have been made so far for the remaining linkages.

Steel for the solebars has been delivered for all three SECR underframes with SECR 4 compartment Brake third 4149 being the first to receive underframe work. The work to replace the solebars and the headstocks will be going out to tender shortly.

PMV 1046

The PMV S1046 is now (last week in April) back in the workshop with its new canvas roof. The first thinned coat of paint has already been applied which takes about three weeks to dry. The PMV was stored in Train Story for this time. In the meantime PMV S1603 came into the workshop for a new felt roof and this has been completed.

PMV S1046 will now have further coats of paint to be applied to the roof and further attention to the underframe paintwork.
1046 - new canvas roof with its first coat of paint in the workshop, further coats to follow.
PMV 1603 with new felt roof in place.

Other News

We have been very fortunate to receive a very generous gift of a large amount of tools and specialist equipment, most of which is ideal for the work that we do in Carriage and Wagon. The gift is from Mrs Helena Kerridge in memory of her late husband Reg Kerridge who wished his tools etc to be donated to a preserved steam railway to assist with its maintenance.

After PMV S1046, the Hucknall’s wagon will be in the workshop for a total re-paint. This work has been generously sponsored by Andy Hucknall.
At the same time as the steel for 4149 arrived, the oak for the Midland Railway hand crane was also delivered.

Join The Team

We welcome Adam Fothergill as a new volunteer in the C&W Team.

New volunteers are always very welcome in C&W. We always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks and it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have, the more restoration and maintenance can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Frances Yunnie on 01983 882204 or by e-mail on  Full details of volunteering opportunities on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway can be found HERE.

Keep in touch with C&W

We may work on equipment from the age of steam but our methods of communication are bang up to date!

In a new initiative for this year,C&W team member Derek Atkins has created an (unofficial) Facebook page which carries the latest information about progress in the C&W workshop, called  IWSR C&W Happenings.

In addition, C&W Supervisor Gary Walker has a frequently updated Flickr site, carrying plenty of recent pictures of C&W activity.





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22 December 2018


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4115 Returned to Service

4115 Returned to Service during August 2018


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