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C & W Restoration News November 2013

LBSCR 3-compartment brake third 4115

Since our last update there's been sure and steady progress in many areas on the coach body. Pete Jardine, Derek Gardener, John Middleton & Derek Atkins have all been involved in making several new sections to replace decayed members at the country end of the coach. This work has progressed to the point where very shortly it's expected that end can finally be squared up & tied together. This will then enable all the knee brackets to be fitted which will then enable the body to be lowered down onto the underframe and bolted down. Whilst work was progressing on repairing the country end other volunteers were undertaking various other tasks both on & off the carriage. These included:-

  • Making small infills for the main side timbers to replace small rotted sections.
  • Cleaning & painting the many knee brackets.
  • Both burning and sanding off the many coats of “domestic” paint from inside of the compartments.
  • Cleaning the paint from a side section retrieved from our stock of spares which it's hoped can be used on the south side to replace a body section which was cut in half during the carriage bodies previous life as someone's home!
  • The destructors have made and fitted a mounting bracket for the air brake cylinder on 4115, thus enabling the overhauled air brake cylinder to be fitted. The destructors have shortened and modified the brake pull rods.
4115 Nov 2013 new corner post
New corner post for country end south side made and waiting to be fitted.
4115 Nov 2013 county end being repaired
Two new sections already fitted in the country end.
4115 Nov 2013 new section being fitted
Pete & John fitting the third section in the country end.
4115 Nov 2013 new part being made

Derek Gardener cutting the scarf joint in another section which repairs the rot in the country end south corner.

4115 Nov 2013 side section being cleaned
A spare side section being cleaned ready to replace one cut when the coach was someone’s house.
Please click on this link to see the latest photographs on the restoration of 4115.

LBSCR 10 ton goods van 46923

As mentioned in our April 2013 news update as a temporary measure it was allocated an LBSCR number of 3713,  after  research by our volunteers an island number of 46923 has been allocated to this vehicle.

To the casual observer work might have appeared to have stalled with this project, but the truth is very different indeed! John James has been kept very busy prepairing all the timber required to build the new double skinned walls of the van. The initial very large pile of softwood that appeared in C&W first had to be cut & planed into appropriate dimensions. Next it all had to be either tongued & grooved or appropriate shaped bevels planed on. Once the timber was all the correct size & shape came  the equally   long task of painting it all with preservative followed by suitable wood primer. As well as suitably sizing all the timber for the walls John has also made new oak roof hoops. Only after this had been done could John  start the task of actually building the new walls. As can be seen in the associated photos he started with the country end followed next by the southern wall. Since the associated photo was taken John has managed to build both end walls and half of both side walls.
46975 Nov 2013 uprights being painted
All floor planks & uprights now fitted. Bob Passmore shown painting the uprights.
46975 Nov 2013 being preserved!
John James applying preservative to just a few of the  planks which will form the sides of the van.
46975 Nov 2013 first end built
Country end built and south side partially built
Please click on this link to see the latest photographs on the restoration of 46923.

What else has been going on?

The new tread plate for the LT hopper has now been fully painted which hopefully will keep the elements at bay for quite a while. Geoff Downer has now switched his attention to the country end which also needs a new tread plate to be made & fitted.

The work, lead by Stuart Butt, is still progressing on the Shark where all repairs to the external woodwork has been completed. This enabled the outside to be fully repainted and re-lettered. It is not just the outside which has been having attention, the inside too has been cleaned up and repainted.

The destructors have been hard at work both in the barn field and outside of C&W dismantling the 5 plank wagons (i.e. 27766, 27744 and 28345) whose timber frames and structures are well past their use by dates! The destructors have now completed most of the dismantling just a few odd jobs to do before they move onto their next task. Jim Scaife has been busy needle gunning and painting the  metalwork from 27766. These parts will be safely stored until the time comes to restore this wagon.

Out in Griffins Dave Walker and team have made excellent progress in laying the track into the storage building. The lean-to & first two roads are now fully connected which has enabled very good use to be made of the space by getting many of our historic vehicles under  cover for the first time. This has already saved the C&W staff many hours labour as the four wheel carriages have NOT had to be bagged up for the winter as the carriages are amongst those now in the storage shed. The point work leading to the last two roads of the shed is completed and the track is steadily approaching the shed doors.

Dave Smart & Gary Walker have been working hard on the ex-4149 London end bogie, they've now made, painted and bolted into place the new sections of steel at either end of the bogie. In due course they'll be riveted into place. Although excellent progress has been made on this bogie there's still much to do on it before they can even start work on repairing the other bogie!

Gary Walker together with several volunteers have been undertaking the usual winter tasks of carriage re-varnishing. Those done so far being 6336, 6378 & 2515. Hopefully such re-varnishing will be required less often as in the future the carriages will be stored undercover and out of the elements in the storage shed.

Four wheeler 6369 is having new supporting scissors made for its connecting gangway. This work  once complete will allow easier transit around the Griffins curve.

Although John James has been busy working on 46923  (nee 3713) he's still found time to repair a rotten guards door from 4112.

The A exams have been carried on all of 4112, 6369, 6378, 2515 and 6336.

Others Nov 2013 LT hopper's new foot plate
New foot plate being fitted on one of our ballast hoppers.
Others Nov 2013 Stuart Butt working on Shark
Stuart Butt sanding off the Shark.
Others Nov 2013 destructors dismantling draw gear
Two of the destructors dismantling draw gear from one of the 5 plank wagons.
Others Nov 2013 track being laid to storage shed
The PW staff work hard installing the track for the first road into the storage building.
Others Nov 2013 27744 being dismantled
Team work counts as the destructors dismantle five plank wagon 27744.
Others Nov 2013 27744 falling a part!

Mind you some parts didn't need much to dismantle them!

Others Nov 2013 27744 set of parts!
The results of another hard days work as set of 5 plank wagon parts.
Others Nov 2013 ex-4149 bogie prepair progressing
After lots of head scratching and hard work new sections have been bolted into the ex-4149 bogie
Others Nov 2013 Shark repainted & relettered.
Hopefully nobody takes these words on the repainted shark seriously!

New volunteers

We'd like to welcome Natalie Bee, John Fitness, Simon Mills, Ian Poulter, David Stiles & David Sunderland all who've joined the group of C&W volunteers since our last update.

ALL new volunteers are made very welcome in C&W, we always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks in C&W and it goes without saying but the more volunteers we have the more restoration and maintenance that can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these) and you're  interested in becoming a volunteer then more info can be found here or contact Alan Gaskin  via

Further pictures of IWSR C&W Dept. progress can be seen on C&W team member Derek Atkins’ website. Even more images can be seen on Gary Walker's , i.e. the C&W supervisor, Flickr pages





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