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Saturday 15 December

Carriage & Wagon News - October 2014

LBSCR 9 Compartment Third 2416

Work has been continuing at a good pace during September, at the end of the month all of the new construction for the two Headstocks was complete and bolted into position. At the beginning of October the country end headstock was 80% riveted and the buffing support brackets bolted into place but not yet finally riveted. 

All re-plating and weld building on the solebars is complete. The top flitch plates are all bolted into place ready for riveting. 

Four of the eight queen posts were removed and fitted with spacers so they now sit correctly and one on the North side had its mounting plate renewed.

The entire top of the underframe is being cleaned and painted, along with all other areas which will become inaccessible once the body is in place.

CW Sept_14 001a
London end Headstock and top flitch plate ready for riveting.
CW_Sept_14 002a
Country end 80% riveted.
CW_Sept_14 003a
Corrosion on top end of Queen Post.
CW_Sept_14 004a
2 Queen Posts after needle gunning and ready for painting.
CW_Sept_14 005a
A North side Queen Post in place with new mounting plate.

LCDR 5 compartment Brake Third 4115

Good progress is continuing with the frame; Steve Rowntree and Bob Passmore are doing much sterling work with the needle gun, Jim Scaife and Dieter Webber are working on the components for the London end bogie.

We are awaiting the return of three of the four wheelsets from the South Devon railway where the journals are being turned and polished. When they arrive back the London end bogie will be reassembled.

The 'Destructors' (Graham Redfern, Jim Ruler, Andy Tavener and Phil Mair) and Dave Smart are removing the last of the unwanted frame equipment – the hand brake linkage and vacuum brake equipment.

CW_Sept_14_2_ 006a
The ‘Destructors’ removing rivets from the frame members in preparation for shortening the frame.

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Good progress is being made on our current 4-wheeler restoration project. The first two doors are now fitted and the third is currently being worked on.

The passenger end floor is complete and, in the guards van, the hand brake mountings are being worked on, the floor structural mountings are complete and the floor is being put down.

The Glass and window moulding are being ordered and the mouldings for the London End are under way.

The sanding and painting of the interior wall and ceilings is making good progress throughout.
CW_Sept_14 007a
Passenger compartment floor complete.
CW_Sept_14 008a
First door ready for hanging.
CW_Sept_14 009a
Later on, the first door had been fitted in place.
Preparation of the brake compartment floor, ready to receive the hand brake mounting.

Ballast Hoppers

The four Ballast Hoppers have had their brake systems adjusted and air brakes proved by the ‘Destructors’. Annual examinations have been completed so they are now available for use on ballasting work during the winter.

SECR Dropside 62888

John James has progressed well with the machining of the oak frame, this stage of the work is now complete. Unfortunately the workshop space that 62888 was occupying has had to be surrendered to the winter varnishing of the four-wheelers, although John will be able to continue with the preparatory work. When space is once again available a rapid assembly of this wagon is anticipated.

SECR Bogies

All spring hanger brackets have been cleaned and painted' with one of the originals being replaced. There is more work to be done on the bogie frames before the spring hangers can be re-riveted back into place.

Other News

DB 993853 Shark Brake Van, PMV S1046, Well B 61056 and 13 ton Dropside 483700 (in Hucknulls private owner livery) have all successfully completed their annual exams for use on engineers trains during the winter.

The annual coach re-varnishing is now under way with LCDR 5 compartment third 2515 receiving attention.

The overflow car park has now largely been cleared of grounded bodies. They have been moved either to the centre of Griffins Field or placed on flat wagons in Train Story. IWR 35 Four Wheel Second is too fragile to move and will be dismantled in situ with all components stored for future restoration.

The railway has been offered the body of LBSCR Saloon 7996, it will be arriving at Havenstreet in the future.

The annual round of bodywork maintenance and re-varnishing is now well under way, LCDR 2515 was first in to receive attention.
CW_Sept_14 002_8
Carriage bodies lined up in the overflow car park before the operation to move them to either Train Story or Griffins Field got underway.
CW_Sept_14 008_6
Carriage bodies being loaded in the overflow car park ready for the short journey to Train Story.
The body of IWR Second 35 is too fragile to be moved any further, it will be dismantled on site and the parts stored for future restoration.
CW_Sept_14 004_6
A line up of IWR carriages in Train Story, they will remain there to be conserved until their turn comes for restoration.

Join the Team!

New volunteers are always very welcome in C&W. We always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks and it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have, the more restoration and maintenance can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Frances Yunnie on 01983 882204 or by e-mail on  Full details of volunteering opportunities on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway can be found HERE.

To keep right up to date with progress in the Carriage & Wagon workshop visit C&W Supervisor Gary Walker's Flickr pages.