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Saturday 15 December

Carriage & Wagon News - October 2015

LCDR 5 compartment Brake Third 4115

As part of the renovation of SECR Saloon Composite 6375 the frame of 4115 was brought round to the front of the C & W workshop on 25th Oct ready to be used as an accommodation frame for 6375’s body. This will then be put under cover in Train Story until needed.

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Much has changed since the last update, all compartments are now in undercoat and scumble undercoat.  Work has started on the renovation of the last door and the Brake Van ceiling top coat has been started

Other big steps forward, approx two thirds of the glass has now been fitted, work has started on making the droplights.  All the seat base frames have been made and a start has been made making the seat back frames. All picture frames have been made and the Brake van seats and support brackets fitted.

Also even more noticeable is the outside; the north side is completely in green undercoat and the south side is about half green undercoated.

Work has been progressing on cleaning off the roof ready for the canvas covering which will then be sealed with many coats of paint

Pete Jardine and his team have made excellent and very noticeable progress since the last update.
All of 4115's compartments are now in undercoat.
Impressive progress is being made on the restoration of 4115's bodywork.

SECR 4 Compartment Brake third 4149 Bogies

The horn guides have been fully fitted, having now been riveted and all eight bow girders have had their sleeves fitted by heating the sleeves to expand them and pressing/hammering them into place and letting then shrink onto the girders as they cool.  

The next operation on these bogies is the re-fitting of the corner spring hanger plates, four of which are new ones made in-house and the other four are original ones. We hope to start riveting these into place during the last week of October.

The underframe has been sent to Bartletts in Wales, our contractor for the fitting of new solebars and end-stocks.
Hornguides riveted into place.

SECR Saloon Composite 6375

The body was raised onto blocks ready for lifting from the frame, which will then receive heavy repairs.  The crane was on site on 26th October, lifting the body and swinging it across onto LCDR 4115’s underframe. 6375 is currently under cover in the Train Story lean-to.

The railway has decided to fast-track the overhaul of the frame, with the objective of having 6375 back in service by the middle of 2016. The frame and bogies will both receive the same heavy overhaul as sister Chatham 4149.  As much work as possible will be addressed in the time available, but a few of the less pressing things might have to be carried out later.

We aim to avoid causing any damage to 6375 during its movement to and from the accommodation underframe, allowing us to get the coach back into traffic as soon as possible, although some touching up of the paintwork will be inevitable.
6375's underframe over the C&W workshop pit on 31st October.  The C&W team had spent the previous day using a steam cleaner to remove a huge amount of dirt and rust from the exposed ironwork.
6375 is now under the Train Story lean-to.

PMV Painting

Four of our PMVs have been fully painted and numbered this summer, protecting them from deterioration and presenting a much smarter appearance to out visitiors.  The vehicles dealt with are 2373, 1350, 1603 and 1803. 1350 has had its floor stripped out, a new floor is to be fitted.
S1603 looking much smarter after a repaint.  This PMV was used as a dormitory coach for volunteer workers from the early 80s until the construction of the new Hostel facility.

LBSCR 10-ton Coal Wagons 27766 & 28345

The first of the Brighton 10-ton coal wagons is really coming on well, the first set of ‘W’ irons has been fitted to the rebuilt frame. When it is fully mobile it will be moved to make room for work to start on the second rebuild, with John James and his team working their usual magic.
The first of the W Irons fitted into place.
Progress on the first wagon as at 31st October.  The total rebuild of the two LBSCR 10-ton wagons is being supported by a grant from the Arts Council Preservation of Industrial and Scientific Material (PRISM) fund.

Winter carriage varnishing programme

The winter re-varnishing has started in earnest. LCDR 4 Compartment Composite 6378 has already been re-varnished by Steve Rowntree and is now back in the set.  NLR 6336 has also been in the workshop, the roof was fully repainted and the bodywork re-varnished.  The full 4-wheeler set was used in traffic during the Friday and Saturday of Wizard Week.  A two train service was operated with W11 at the head of the train for the final time this year.

In the coming weeks LCDR Saloon Composite 6369 will have a full re-paint and some of the others will have their roofs re-painted in addition to the re-varnish.  All will then be parked in Train Story for the winter, available for our visitors to inspect on the days when the railway is open.
6336 in the works for roof repair/repaint and a re-varnish of the bodywork.

Other News

The IWSR has purchased a quantity of split spoke wagon wheelsets and other wagon spares from the North Norfolk Railway, so that the eight-plank wagons, the Isle of Wight Central van and the Isle of Wight Railway van can be restored.

In early November the annual steam heat tests will be carried out.

At the end of September all four Ballast wagons were given their Annual exams as they were required for a photo charter this work was carried out by Dave Smart and the venerable ‘Destructors’. The Well ‘B’ will be given its ‘A’ exam prior to it being used in the telegraph pole train

Colin Beckwith has started setting up the triple valve test bench, changing many of the components to make it compatible with the systems that we use.
Well B 61056 ready for exams.
The Westinghouse air brake test rig, Colin Beckwith is modifying this equipment ready for use.

Join The Team

We welcome two new volunteers this month, Mike Smyth and Mike Tarry
New volunteers are made very welcome in C&W. We always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks and it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have, the more restoration and maintenance can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact the railway’s Volunteer Coordinator and arrange to pay us a visit.

Keep in touch with C&W

We may work on equipment from the age of steam but our methods of communication are bang up to date!

C&W team member Derek Atkins has created an (unofficial) Facebook page which carries the latest information about progress in the C&W workshop, called  IWSR C&W Happenings.  There is now a further Facebook page featuring progress on the SECR Carriages Appeal Project.

In addition, C&W Supervisor Gary Walker has a frequently updated Flickr site, carrying plenty of recent pictures of C&W activity.





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22 December 2018


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