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Carriage & Wagon News - October 2016

LBSCR 3 Compartment Brake Third 4115

Since the July report more progress has been made by Peter Jardine and his team, The North side has had its final gloss coat and the lining out has been started. The South side final door has been fitted and the undercoating has been completed, it is hoped that the first gloss coat will be applied this week.

The scumbling and ceiling painting has been completed in all compartments, the seat bases are all finished and the remaining seat backs have been sprung and covered with hessian

The remaining communication cord fittings are being fitted, and the remaining drop lights are being made.

The varnishing of the interior wood work is under way.

The progress is all now very visible.
CW Oct 16 1
The North side showing the lining started and the final door now fitted.
CW Oct 16 2
Seat bases fitted and some seat backs fitted and covered with Hessian.
CW Oct 16 3
The remaining seat backs sprung and the springs covered with Hessian.

SECR 4 Compartment Brake third 4149

Both bogies are now fully completed and are temporarily in storage in Train Story. 

The underframe currently at Bartletts for the fitting of new solebars and headstocks has unfortunately not progressed as we would have wished and we have no news of a delivery date. All components in house for the underframe are nearly completed with only a small amount to be done on a few items.

The body is in the workshop at the moment having attention to the bottom stringers and new knee brackets and bolts as required.  4149 will shortly be moved to Train Story, interior work will be continued when there is space for it to return to the workshop.
4149’s body in the workshop showing the work done on the bottom stringer and the new knee brackets.

SECR Saloon Composite 6375

Steady progress is being made by Gary Walker on re-bushing and re-pinning of the brake gear and those for one bogie are nearly complete, but the re-bushed links still need needle gunning, priming and painting. The underframe components, like 4149, are largely complete. The first bogie frame is upside down on accommodation trolleys. The four defective corner spring hangers have been removed and one piece of internal framing that needs replacing. The horn guides are worn and have been removed and the water jet cut replacements are awaiting machining. We have also found that the bottom plank of the bolster is in need of replacement.

The underframe is making good progress at Llangollen and we hope to have delivery back to us in the New Year.
Some of the brake linkages and suspension links already re-bushed with the new bushes made by Gary Walker. The new un-machined horn guides can be seen in the background.
The upturned bogie frame showing where the corner spring hangers have been removed.
The same bogie frame again showing where the worn horn guides have been removed.

LBSCR 10 Ton Coal Wagons 27766, 28345

Both wagons 27766 and 28345 successfully passed their test runs with no issues at all, a great tribute to the effort that John James and his team have put into their restoration.

LBSCR 10 Ton Open Goods - 27834

This wagon re-paint by Peter Claus in an earlier style is complete and it is back in the Heritage Goods Train.

LSWR 10 ton Road Van - 56046

The Road Van was in the workshop for attention by Steve Rowntree and his team for a complete repaint and a new roof canvas. All work is now complete and it is back in the Heritage Goods Train, probably looking better that it has ever looked!

PMV 51566 - Loco Dept Stores Van

CW Oct 16 8
This PMV is currently in the workshop being repainted by Steve Rowntree and his gang in BR Blue.

Over-Winter re-varnishing and re-painting

The winter programme is just about to get underway.  LBSCR 8-compartment composite 6349 will shortly be coming out of the running set and taking 4149’s place in the workshop. It will have it’s A exam and also a new roof canvas and a full repaint into malachite green. 4149 will be going into train story so that the interior can be worked on.

Other News

The body  of IWR 3-compartment first No.21, currently in Train Story, will shortly be entering the workshop for restoration. It will be turned through 90 degrees so that a bogie coach can also be accommodated on the same road. 

Dave Smart and the Destructors have recently made several visits to Whitwell to recover body parts from LCDR Third 2431, a welcome increase to our holding of body part spares.

Our fleet of Engineering Wagons have been receiving attention:

BR Brake van ‘Shark’ DB993853
LT Ballast hopper DP63435
LT Ballast Hopper DP63437
BR Ballast Hopper ‘Dogfish’ DB992804
BR Ballast Hopper ‘Dogfish’ DB993103

The ballast hoppers have all successfully passed their A exams. One of the LT Ballast hoppers needed platework cutting away in order to free a seized hand brake linkage.

The rail carrier, DS70000 has still to complete it’s A exam. It has two broken springs and we need the rails currently on board to be removed to enable us to change the springs.

This has all been the sterling work of the Destructors!

Infrastructure Improvements

CW Oct 16 9
Track 2 immediately outside the C & W Workshop has been changed to concrete sleepers so that the area can be concreted thus giving us a greater area of hard standing adjacent to the workshop.

New Staff

We welcome Paul Fisher who has joined us full time as a fitter. Also we welcome  Peter Jardine and Steve Rowntree who have joined us on part time fixed term contracts.

The increased staffing will enable major works to make better progress.

Visit of Mrs Helena Kerridge

Recently Mrs Helena Kerridge paid a visit to the IWSR and viewed the Plaque erected to record our grateful thanks for her donation of the large collection of tools and equipment which her late husband Reg  amassed  over his lifetime.
CW Oct 16 10
Helena Kerridge with Gary Walker during her visit and the plaque dedicated to her late husband.

Join The Team

New volunteers are made very welcome in C&W. We always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks and it goes without saying that the more volunteers we have, the more restoration and maintenance can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then please contact the railway’s Volunteer Coordinator and arrange to pay us a visit.

Keep in touch with C&W

We may work on equipment from the age of steam but our methods of communication are bang up to date!

C&W team member Derek Atkins has created an (unofficial) Facebook page which carries the latest information about progress in the C&W workshop, called  IWSR C&W Happenings.  There is now a further Facebook page featuring progress on the SECR Carriages Appeal Project.

In addition, C&W Chargehand Gary Walker has a frequently updated Flickr site, carrying plenty of recent pictures of C&W activity.





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