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Friday 21 December

C & W Restoration News September 2013

LBSCR 8-Compartment Third 2403

The long term project, over three & half years, to fully restore this carriage and return it to traffic finally came to an end on 31 July 2013. This was the first time ever that it had carried fare paying passengers on the Isle of Wight and the first time it had carried any passengers since 1931. As reported in our last update the “official” paper process prior to the carriage entering traffic uncovered a problem which had to be resolved before it could carry passengers. After many more hours of hard work by Dave Smart & Gary Walker saw the carriage enter traffic for passengers, just in time for our very busy holiday season on the Isle of Wight.
2403 at Wootton on its second day in traffic.
2403 at Wootton on its second day in traffic.

Please click on this link to see  the restoration of 2403 as it progressed from a start in November 2009 to entering traffic in July 2013.

LBSCR 3-compartment brake third 4115

Since the last update feverish activity has taken place on the underframe to get it ready to receive its new passenger. This work (performed by the famed C&W destructors) entailed fitting the buffers, and all draw gear. The coach body also received some attention out in Griffins whilst awaiting its date with the crane. Tony Woodfield, Joe Barton Smith & Derek Atkins spent many hours under a hot sun removing the temporary panels which had been protecting the fabric of the coach body and framework. 26 July 2013 was the first day in the new life of this carriage body, for on that day it was all move out in Griffins. The body was craned on to its underframe, the two were then shunted into the C&W workshop for full restoration to begin. Within days of it arriving in C&W work started on the restoration. Initial tasks were to remove the:-
  • original body panels, many of which were split and hence will ultimately have to be replaced.
  • the hundreds of nails which had held them in place.
  • and all the felt from the roof which had being doing an excellent job keep the rain at bay whilst the grounded body waited its turn in the restoration queue.

Initial assessment, once the panels had been removed, showed that the rain and weather hadn't been kind to the country end where several new sections will need to be made and fitted. But a part from that the frame does appear to be in fairly good condition. Pete Jardine, John Middleton, Derek Gardener and Derek Atkins have set to work making the replacement sections for the country end. Various other volunteers have been at work inside & out the coach burning off all the old paint and scraping off the polystyrene tiles.
4115 July 2013 Graham working on draw gear

Graham (one of the destructors :-) working on the London end draw gear  (underframe to be turned prior to receiving body).

4115 Sept 2013 prep prior to being lifted out of Griffins
Joe Barton Smith & Tony Woodfield at work removing the temporary panels.
4115 Sept 2013 being craned out of Girffins
The coach body heading towards its new home on the waiting underframe.
4115 Sept 2014 safely in C&W and waiting for restoration to begin.
Safely in C&W and waiting for restoration to begin.
4115 Sept 2013 new member made ready for fitting
A new member being cut and shaped.

Please click on this link to see the latest photographs on the restoration of 4115.

LBSCR 10 ton goods van 3713

There's no holding back our John James, since the last update all sections of the underframe have been firmly bolted together. This was rapidly followed by John fitting all the metal components, which  had all been cleaned & painted by various of our volunteers. By late July the underframe was fully mobile again after the wheels and all draw gear together with the buffers had been fitted. Whilst various volunteers set about painting the underframe John James fitted all four side door supports and the four end posts. Johns next task was to cut,  shape & fit all the flooring planks.

New corner wrappers are being made off site and should be in C&W shortly as will all the timber for the sides, ends & roof.
3713 Sept 2013 First axle box being fitted
First axle box being fitted, south side country end.
3713 Sept 2013 Ready to roll again
Ready to roll again with all wheels firmly attached.
3713 Sept 2013 John James fitting the draw spring
John James fitting the draw spring to the country end.
3713 Sept 2013 Bob Passmore painting underframe

Bob Passmore painting whilst underframe grows upwards!

Please click on this link to see the latest photographs on the restoration of 3713.

What else has been going on?

The 26th of July was all move day out in Griffins. Pete Jardine supervised, aided by Tony Woodfield & Derek Atkins, the craning of very large stacks of track panels close to the building for our contractor to lay inside the building. Once sufficient track was inside, vehicles were craned from one of the Griffins sidings to the track leading into road three whence said vehicles became the first occupants of our new (and as yet unfinished building). The honour of being first “in” was five plank 27730 , this was quickly followed by three bolsters (nos. 59043, 59045, 59050) and the Southern Well B lowmac 61056.

The clearing of space in the sidings allowed the underframe for 4115 to be brought round. The next craning operation was to lift & reverse the underframe then the crane lifted the 4115 coach body on to its new home of the waiting underframe, both then were shunted round to the C&W workshop. The final craning operations of the day were to move two PMVs which were occupying space needed to be dug out for the final section of the track fan. In early August the “contractor” for the work in Griffins became our own permanent way staff. Dave Walker and his team set about laying track into the lean-to road and connecting the point work for it into the Griffins siding. This enabled several vehicles to be shunted into the lean-to road. The arrival of our renowned “Steam Show” resulted in a temporary halt to Dave & team laying more track to the building, this work will resume once the Steam Show equipment has been tidied away.

Work is steadily progressing removing the worn, rusted and bent (yes bent!) sections from the ex-4149 bogies.

As reported in our earlier report  6349 donated one of its springs to replace one on 2416 which had a broken leaf. The repaired spring, once returned to Havenstreet, was fitted to 6349, sadly the repair didn't last very long as the carriage has had to return to C&W for the spring to be replaced again. By this time  we'd managed have had two new springs made so the carriage was fitted with one of  these and then returned to traffic.

The repaint of the SR Goods Brake 55274 is now complete and its available for use in goods trains.

Its place in the C&W workshop has been taken by Shark Brake Van DB993853, where work is needed to replace timber which has succumbed to the weather conditions.

LBSCR 5 plank 28345 has been fully dismantled in the barn field.

Parts from the already dismantled 5 plank 27766 are being cleaned and painted. We already have the oak for its underframe in dry store and its intended that once sufficiently dry John James will move on to building this wagon once he's finished working on 3717.

For some time now Geoff Downer has  been working on the London end of the he LT hopper where he's been cutting out the well rusted tread plate. This has allowed others to clean and paint the frame, whilst this was in progress Geoff has been fashioning a new tread plate this was fitted at the end of August.

The Cartruck 60579 has been out on its test run, which it passed with flying colours. One last  job on it still to be completed is to fit axle box liners which take up the wear between the axle boxes and axle guards.

Others Sept 2013 27730 was first in new storage shed.
The first ever vehicle, 5 plank 27730, inside our new storage shed.
Others Sept 2013 Bolster wagon being craned to shed
Bolster wagon being craned to entrance to shed.
Others Sept 2013 first ever vehicles in new storage shed.

Where it joined some of its friends

Others Sept 2013 cleaning LBSCR 5 plank No. 27766
Jim Scaife needle gunning buffers from LBSCR 5 plank No. 27766.
Others Sept 2013 first ever vehicles in new lean-to
The first ever vehicles to reside in the new lean-to.

New volunteers

We'd like to welcome  Joe Barton Smith & Dave Sunderland  who have joined the group of C&W volunteers since our last update.

ALL new volunteers are made very welcome in C&W, we always try and fit your skills or desires with appropriate tasks in C&W and it goes without saying but the more volunteers we have the more restoration and maintenance that can be done to the IWSR rolling stock. So if your interests are in carriages or wagons (we now have a dedicated team for these) and you're are interested in becoming a volunteer then more info can be found here or please contact Alan Gaskin on

Further pictures of IWSR C&W Dept. progress can be seen on C&W team member Derek Atkins’ website.