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Locomotive News - February 2014

Although January marks the start of the quiet season in terms of running trains it provides a welcome opportunity for our mechanical engineering staff and volunteers to focus on annual examinations and non-routine maintenance issues as well as trying to make progress on some of our long term projects such as W11 and Ivatt 41298.

Temporary repairs to no 1 road in the workshop have also had to be undertaken as in places the supporting timbers have decayed, causing the rails to drop.

Repairs being made to No 1 road in the locomotive works

It is also a time for reflection, despite the disappointment of W11 and Ivatt 41298 not being ready for their long awaited début in October, significant progress has been made on both locomotives; W38 has been returned to steam and the number of services lost through locomotive failure can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Other challenges include the removal of the contents of the old stores to temporary accommodation into the PMV that used to be Santa's Grotto to facilitate the construction of the walkway to Changing Trains (oops, Train Story as it is to be known henceforth).

old stores
The old loco stores now empty and awaiting removal


Looking forward to the 2014 operating season, an increase in the number of two train operating days means higher mileages for our locomotives with a consequential increase in maintenance requirements. Partly in recognition of this the Railway's Board have approved capital expenditure this year to further the project to introduce a reverse osmosis plant to 'purify' the water used in locomotives thus increasing considerably the periods between boiler washouts.



02 Class W24 'Calbourne'

Work has recommenced on inspecting and refurbishing axle bearings, this time the bogie wheels are due for attention and Calbourne is currently jacked up in the works to enable them to be rolled out from under the locomotive.

W24 rear view showing clearance between locomotive and pony truck
Calbourne jacked up to enable bogie removal and examination

The Westinghouse pump has also been stripped down primarily for attention to the reversing valve however further examination has revealed a number of other components requiring attention that will probably require a major overhaul.

Mileage for 2013 was 1,698.

A1x Class W8 Freshwater

Freshwater was hijacked by Santa and a snowman who moved W8 to the display siding and took up residence in the cab for the duration of December. Luckily, staff and volunteers from the works had drained the water out and 'winterised' the locomotive prior to this happening. An Annual Exam is due to take place and apart from any problems arising from that, only routine maintenance is planned to be carried out.

Mileage for 2013 was 1,457

A1x Class W11 Newport

So near and yet so far, as reported in the last issue, problems with the main steam pipe meant that W11 was not able to be steamed for the Autumn Gala, and subsequent problems with the replacement pipe meant that Newport was not ready for the Hayling Weekend as had been hoped. Work now continues as and when priority annual maintenance commitments and resources allow, with a view to returning to steam at some period in 2014.




E1 Class W2 Yarmouth

Yarmouth has been moved to under cover storage in the Train Story building and will remain there on static display when the building opens to the public in March.
W2 Yarmouth has taken up residence in the Train Story building.
Hawthorn, Leslie W37 Invincible
No further work has been undertaken on this locomotive since the last report.

Invincible at Havenstreet in 2014
Andrew Barclay 0-6-0T W38 Ajax

Ajax successfully passed a steam test on 4th November, thus enabling testing and running in of the newly fitted slide valves. Timing these valves requires the locomotive to be moved backwards and forwards many times with the aid of pinch bars, consequently workshop staff have arm muscles like Popeye!

New gaskets for the blast pipe joint were manufactured and fitted and the Westinghouse pump has had its glands repacked.

Over the Christmas period, Ajax was regularly in steam within Havenstreet station limits operating the North Pole Shuttle that delivered the presents for Santa to distribute.

Mileage for 2013 was 34.
Ajax at Ashey
Ajax pauses at Ashey during a test run

Hunslet 'Austerity' 192 Waggoner

Waggoner has been the main service locomotive for the 2013 operating season, however during November the opportunity was taken to overhaul the safety valves which had been blowing light and not seating properly.

Following the last train of the season on 1st January, Waggoner was 'winterised' and preparation made for its Annual Exam.

Mileage for 2013 was 5,747.
Hunslet 'Austerity' 198 Royal Engineer

Royal Engineer has also been 'winterised' and is currently undergoing its Annual Exam. A steam leak on the fireman's side injector required a replacement flange to be manufactured and this is currently awaiting fitting.

The cab floor is also being replaced this winter.

Mileage for 2013 was 4,588.
Royal Engineer
Repairs to the injector steam feed pipe for 198 Royal Engineer
Hunslet 'Austerity' Juno

Juno remains on display at Shildon under the agreement with the National Railway Museum.

Ivatt 2MT Class 41298

Work has recommenced on the reassembly of 41298, the cab windows have been installed and a bracket fabricated to support the Westinghouse pump on the right hand side of the smokebox.

Numerous other components are finding their way back onto the locomotive and work on rubbing down the paintwork and the applying the first coats of black undercoat is underway.
The Westinghouse pump located on the side of the smokebox on 41298
Ivatt 41313

41313 has moved house and taken up residence in the Train Story building where it will form part of the display when open to the public.

Prior to the move all mechanical parts were liberally coated in oil and valuable fittings removed for more secure storage.
Ivatt 41313
Ivatt 41313 in the new Train Story building
Ivatt 46447

Work at the East Somerset Railway has resumed in earnest. Many new or replacement parts have been fabricated, including an ashpan; axlebox heat shields; cab side and window frame; seat bracket and bases; reverser handle; cylinder cover casings and top feed casings.

New castings have been produced and machined for missing steam brake oil pots and oil boxes. New side bearer castings for the firebox have been fitted and at the beginning of January work was progressing on machining the regulator valve faces. 


BR Class 03 D2059

Work is well underway with the major engine overhaul. The Gardener 8 cylinder engine has been dismantled in situ so that the cylinder blocks could be sent away for machining and fitting of new liners. These have now been returned and are awaiting fitting.

The air compressor is also receiving some attention and has been dismantled so that the crankshaft can be reground and new bearings sourced. 

Running hours for 2013 were 299.
D2059 engine rebuild
The partially dismantled diesel engine of D2059
BR Class 05 D2554 'Nuclear Fred'

Cosmetic restoration continues slowly although progress is slow at this time of the year because of the wet weather and efforts are being concentrated on the engine rebuild for D2059.

'Nuclear Fred' has temporarily taken shelter in the Train Story building.
Andrew Barclay 0-4-0DM 235

Remains available for shunting duties within Havenstreet station limits.

Running hours for 2013 were 129.
235 at Havenstreet
235 on shunting duties at Havenstreet, January 2014