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Locomotive Engineering News - January 2015

Train Story has provided a real boost to our visitor experience but as the 2014 operating season draws to a close its primary purpose, to provide undercover storage for our heritage locomotives and rolling stock, comes into its own. One by one as our locomotives operate their last trains of the season they are drained down, cleaned and put into storage pending their 'A' examinations in the coming months.
Calbourne in Train Story Dec 2014

W24 'Calbourne' berthed in Train Story for the winter.

02 Class, 0-4-4T W24 'Calbourne'

Calbourne has provided sterling service throughout the 2014 season with no significant engineering problems. The last day in service was 29th November for a UK Rail Tours Charter, following which new brake blocks were fitted prior to preparation for winter storage in Train Story.

A1x Class, 0-6-0T W8 'Freshwater'

Freshwater also performed well throughout the season with no major problems reported. Currently stored for the winter in Train Story pending an annual 'A' Exam prior to re-entering service for 2015.
W8 'Freshwater'

A1x Class, 0-6-0T W11 'Newport'

W11 returned to service in summer 2014 and hauled a number of passenger and goods trains despite a number of persistent teething problems. The most pressing of these is a leaking blower valve and a suitable repair / replacement has yet to be sourced. This, and the lack of steam heating equipment, has restricted W11's availability for service during the autumn leading, to an early trip to Train Story for the winter.
W11 on the heritage goods. Spring Gala 2014
W11 heads a heritage goods train 

E1 Class 0-6-0T W2 'Yarmouth'

Yarmouth is currently on static display in Train Story.

Hawthorn, Leslie 0-4-0ST - W37 'Invincible'

Invincible is currently berthed in the locomotive workshops to enable an assessment of the work necessary to return her to running condition to be carried out, although there are no plans to do so in the immediate future.
Invincible seen here in the works yard.

Barclay 0-6-0T W38  'Ajax'

Ajax has been a regular service engine throughout the summer, clocking up some 1,758 miles prior to her last day of service on 11th September. 
A broken brake hanger pin forced a temporary withdrawal from service in August, but apart from that, an occasional sand pipe falling off and a collapsing cab floor, Ajax has been a reliable workhorse.
Currently on static display in Train Story. Ajax's 10 year boiler examination fell due in December 2014 and there are no plans at present to carry out the necessary work in time for the 2015 season.
Ajax PMV Shark Smallbrook Goods Christmas 2013
Ajax seen here leaving Smallbrook during Christmas 2013

Hunslet Austerity Class, 0-6-0ST - WD192 'Waggoner'

Waggoner  (the blue one) has been the main service locomotive throughout 2014 and apart from routine running maintenance and cleaning, has required no major attention. New brake blocks are to fitted as part of this winter's maintenance programme.

Hunslet Austerity Class, 0-6-0ST - WD198 'Royal Engineer'

Royal Engineer (the green one) did not have a good start to 2014 as early in the season a steam leak on the outer firebox manifested itself. This required the lifting of the boiler from the frames for a thorough examination prior to the necessary repair work being undertaken.

As the boiler is approaching its next ten year examination, the decision was taken to bring this forward, so when the boiler is returned to the frames it should give us another ten years of service without the need for major attention.

The boiler was lifted from the frames in October and following a preliminary inspection by our boiler inspector, an ultrasonic survey of the boiler is being undertaken to establish the plate thickness in the affected areas around the foundation ring. All the boiler tubes have been removed and the outer shell of the boiler needle gunned to remove rust etc. prior to examination and painting.

All the boiler fittings are being dismantled, inspected and overhauled in readiness for refitting upon completion of the boiler repairs. A valve and piston examination is planned whilst the locomotive is out of service.

Royal Engineer boiler lift Oct 2014
Royal Engineer's boiler is seen here being lifted from the frames in October 2014
Royal Engineer refurbishing boiler fittings
Mike Brittan (right) and Peter Taylor in the workshop overhauling 198's boiler fittings.

Motion work on 198
View of the motion work on 198 from the smokebox end
Hunslet Austerity Class, 0-6-0ST  No 3850 'Juno'

At present on loan to The National Railway Museum and on display at Shildon.
Juno at Havenstreet prior to dispatch to Shildon for display at the NRM

Ivatt 2MT Class, 2-6-2T No 41298

Work to reassemble 41298 has made steady progress throughout 2014; a milestone was reached on 20th August when the boiler passed its steam test and the locomotive moved under its own steam for the first time since 1967. Further steam tests have subsequently taken place and clearance trials were undertaken on 20th October along the whole length of the line when members of the former owners, The Ivatt Trust, were in attendance.

The major outstanding task is the completion of fitting the Westinghouse air brake equipment to enable 41298 to be used on passenger trains. There are also a host of smaller jobs to be done, such as tidying up and securing the host of pipework associated with the mechanical lubrication systems fitted to this class of locomotive.
41298 being prepared for steam test on 20th August
41298 at Smallbrook
41298 at Smallbrook on 20th October during clearance trials

Ivatt 2MT Class, 2-6-2T No 41313

41313 has spent 2014 on static display in Train Story depicting the 'before' part of the restoration story, however the future is looking much brighter.

Following the successful overhaul of 46447 at The East Somerset Railway, an agreement has been reached with them to undertake the overhaul and resoration of 41313 over the next two years after which it will return to the Island and join our fleet of service locomotives. Although it is disappointing not to carry this work out at Havenstreet, the limited engineering capacity and current heavy work programme preclude such a project being undertaken locally in the foreseeable future.

41313 is expected to leave the Island for Cranmore in February, as soon as work shop space there becomes available.

41313 in Train Story

41313 seen here in Train Story, December 2014. A spare driving axle for an Austerity can also ben seen in the picture.

Ivatt 2MT Class, 2-6-0 No 46447

The overhaul and rebuild was successfully completed by the engineering team at The East Somerset Railway during 2014 and the locomotive officially returned to steam at a ceremony on 26th October. As part of the agreement between the two railways, 46447 will remain on loan to East Somerset for a ten year period.

46447 first train 2
Ivatt 46447 at East Somerset Railway 26th October 2014


BR Class 03, 0-6-0 D2059

Edward has been busy during the closing months of 2014. In preparation for a full line tamp scheduled for February, numerous ballast trains have been operated together with a number of works trains to move plant and equipment to site for piling work in the Wottoon section. Another task has been heading trains carrying the personnel and equipment for the planting of telegraph poles between Havenstreet and Wootton.

During December, our intrepid diesel has been in charge of the North Pole Shuttle bringing presents into the station at Havenstreet for Santa to distribute during the festivities.

Telegraph Poles 2
D2059 hard at work planting telegraph poles west of Bridge 12

BR Class 05, 0-6-0 D2554 'Nuclear Fred'

Work on a cosmetic restoration of Nuclear Fred has been temporarily suspended because of pressure on workshop space and the need to focus on more urgent projects.
D2554 repaint

Some of the work carried out to date on the cosmetic restoration of D2554

Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 DM 235

This locomotive is available for shunting duties within station limits.

Ex Army  0-4-0 diesel shunter No 235





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