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Saturday 01 December

Locomotive Engineering News - November 2013

Steam Locomotives

July and August saw the return to revenue earning service of two of our Island locomotives, ‘Freshwater’and ‘Calbourne’ giving us an operational fleet of four locomotives for the busiest months of our season,there being only four days between the end of June and the end of September when steam locomotives were not running. With 34 days over that period when a two train service was operating, staff and volunteers have been ‘all hands to the pumps’ to clean, service, and carry out minor repairs in order to keep the wheels turning.

Despite this, progress has been made on two of our long term projects to return W11 ‘Newport’ and Ivatt 41298 to steam in time for a planned Autumn Gala however last minute events conspired against this, more about which below.

02 Class W24 Calbourne

After re-metalling of the axle box bearing surfaces on the driving wheels, the fitting of the new blast pipe and a successful test steaming, ‘Calbourne’ re-entered service in early August. Apart from minor running repairs and routine examinations, boiler washouts etc., and a period of light duties to bed in the new bearings our flagship locomotive has made regular appearances to the delight of our customers and enginemen with whom she is a firm favourite.

A1x Class W8 Freshwater

Very little to report this time,  apart from routine boiler washouts and attention to minor defects as they occur ‘Freshwater’has been performing satisfactorily throughout the summer.

A1x Class W11 Newport

Following a successful hydraulic test on the boiler on 3rd September ‘Team Terrier’ started refitting all the pipework and boiler fittings such as clack boxes, injectors, lubricators and new gauge columns. Final coats of gloss paint were applied by Les Morgan in readiness for lining out by Len Pullinger. On 21st September W11 emerged from the workshop and a fire was lit for the first time to ensure all was well prior to a formal boiler test; however it soon became apparent that there was a major problem with the main steam pipe that takes steam from the boiler to the cylinders when the regulator is opened. Detailed examination revealed cracks on the flanges and a split in the copper steam pipe itself which could not be rectified in time for the planned Autumn Gala. 

Although hugely disappointed by this ‘Team Terrier’ put this setback behind them and were determined to carry on putting the final finishing touches to the rest of W11 so that she was  ready to take pride of place in the display siding in time for the Autumn Steam Weekend at the beginning of October. A replacement steam pipe is currently being sourced.

Alex lining W11
Apprentice Alex Hull lining out W11

E1 Class W2 Yarmouth

Because of the need to keep the station yard and access to the farm crossing clear during the summer events programme, W2 was returned to the workshop for storage for most of the summer season, but was again on the display siding for the  Autumn Steam Weekend. W2 is now in dry storage in the 'Changing Trains' building.

W2 Yarmouth, still carrying the BR number 32110, in the display siding during March 2013.

Hawthorn, Leslie W37 Invincible

Work in preparing the locomotive for boiler work continues as and when resources are available. Unfortunately the project leader, Tony Dragonetti, has had to stand down from this role because of other commitments.

Invincible, Calbourne and Ajax on the pit road outside the C&W workshop - March 2013.

Barclay W38 Ajax

 The task of scraping in and fitting the new valves has now been completed. Following a successful steam test in early November  Ajax is now ready for service. Although the absence of steam heating equipment will preclude use on passenger trains in December, Ajax is likely to be seen in steam in and around Havenstreet Station on light duties.

Hunslet ‘Austerity’ WD192 Waggoner

‘Waggoner’ has continued to prove to be a reliable locomotive and has been a regular performer throughout this summer. Other than routine boiler washouts and running repairs,little work has been necessary to keep it operating.

WD192 & WD198 on the shed roads at the start of the 2013 operating season.

Hunslet ‘Austerity’ WD198 Royal Engineer

‘Royal Engineer’ has also been making regular appearances throughout this running season between boiler washouts and has also required little attention other than running repairs. Adjustments had to be made to the steam brake as it developed a habit of applying itself intermittently. A cracked flange on the steam feed to the fireman's side injector is in the process of being replaced.

WD198 during disposal at the end of a summer 2012 high season day.

Hunslet ‘Austerity’ Juno

Juno remains on display at Shildon under the agreement with the National Railway Museum.
Juno on display at Shildon during December 2012, sporting a fresh coat of paint.

Ivatt 41298

Progress on 41298 has slowed because of the need to keep the trains running during the height of our operating season; when it looked unlikely that work would be sufficiently progressed to be in steam for the Autumn Gala the decision was taken to pool resources and focus on finishing W11.

Nevertheless, work has continued; the injectors and associated pipework have been fitted as have the connecting rods, and in the cab boiler fittings continue to appear. The couplings rods were ceremoniously replaced on 13th August, 46 years to the day that they were removed at Stewarts Lane depot before the locomotive was moved to Liss to its first new home on the Longmoor Military Railway.

41298 coupling rods
Andrew Summers, Steve Smart and Len Pullinger fitting one of the connecting rods to 41298 on 13th August

Ivatt 41313

This locomotive remained in dry storage in the locomotive shed pending moving to the 'Changing Train' facility earlier this month.
41313 - now with the correct boiler on the frames.

Ivatt 46447

On loan to the East Somerset Railway where restoration continues although the commitment to run trains during the summer has slowed progress somewhat.

Diesel Locomotives

BR Class 03 D2059

The long awaited engine overhaul is anticipated to begin very shortly as workshop space became available earlier this month following the relocation of 41313 to the 'Changing Trains' building.

BR Class 05 D2554

Cosmetic restoration work on the exterior of this locomotive is being carried out by Colin Ward and group of fellow volunteers, and is progressing well.  To date work has focussed on the cab and roof with the rubbing down of existing paintwork and treatment of rusted areas. Lack of undercover space means this work is being undertaken outside and progress is to some extent weather dependent.

Andrew Barclay Shunting Loco 235

Remains available for shunting duties within station limits.

And Finally.....

As part of the work to create a pedestrian link to Changing Trains, an assortment of sheds and grounded bodies that have been home to a collection of locomotive spares are being cleared and mechanical engineering staff have been busy finding new homes for them within existing storage space.

Also, well done to Alex, our newly appointed Engineering Apprentice. Alex Hull has been a volunteer for over two years and has proven himself as a good worker with a natural ability in Engineering. To maintain and pass on skills, the Railway has awarded to Alex a 4 year apprenticeship. Bob Huxtable will oversee the management of this apprenticeship. 

If you would like to join us please contact Clive Miller, the railway’s Volunteer Co-ordinator, who will be pleased to arrange a railway safety induction followed by an introduction to the Mechanical Engineering Department.
02 spares
A selection of 02 spares that need new homes, not quite enough to create another locomotive!