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Saturday 01 December

Track Pack - June 2013

Hi folks, and welcome to another edition, I am sorry it is again a little late in appearing but I seem to have had very little time this month, lots of holidays and busy with various items for Changing Trains along with the usual workload. So I will have to be brief with the items as I have only a couple of hours spare to write this newsletter before I go on holiday again!! There is a lot going on now and I hope to try and cover everything albeit a little quicker than usual, so read on and enjoy….

June/July Working Weekend - 6th & 7th July 2013

Yet again our 40’s event is upon us and happens to be our working weekend as usual. If any of you would like to dress appropriately we will have some more painting jobs to do around the station on signalling equipment and the bracket signal, should the weather allow us. As always those that chose to dress up will be given jobs around the station area to show off your natty dress sense.

For those in orange attire we have a large amount of cutting back on the lineside and we also have to start preparing to move our department to a new home in Griffin’s. We hope to be in a position to make a start in sorting and moving various items to temporary storage and also get tools over there in readiness for the pointwork project, more of which later.

The usual terms and conditions apply and we would love to greet you warmly at the headquarters around 8.30am on either or both days.

What’s been going on?

We had a good turn out again and several jobs were carried out over the weekend. A small team spent Saturday morning replacing sleepers in Rowlands Wood area, 9 sleepers were changed in total taking us till lunchtime. Then whilst the train had a break a trip with the Wickham to get the tools and the old sleepers was fitted in. Meanwhile the S&T team gave the signalling equipment an oil and grease at all locations during the day. The sleeper team after lunch turned their attention to painting S&T equipment round the signalbox area. We also had a very good team cleaning signal arms with diluted bleach to get the green algae growth off and make them look a lot smarter. They then gave the bracket signal lattice post a going over to remove growth from that.

On Sunday more painting was undertaken, the new farm crossing gates received a smart coat of gloss buff whilst more grey went on S&T equipment. A small team headed off east to Smallbrook to continue the ongoing job of painting the platform fencing and spent all day there doing several more panels.

Thanks to everyone who attended the working weekend, it’s nice to get the S&T gear lubricated and looking smart, along with all the other jobs we managed to get done, thank you!

What else has been going on?

We have again had a varied diet of PW, S&T and estates work to get on with.

. A fair proportion of work has been grass cutting and such like around the stations, along with fence painting at Smallbrook. We replaced quite a few cattle grids that had been burnt or simply rotted away with new timber and have done several lifting and packing jobs on the single lines dealing with bad areas of level.

The Friday gang continue their work with trying to keep pace with the growing lineside vegetation especially at crossings along the line.

Working Evenings

We have not got off to a very good start really, the first evening was blessed with heavy rain and no volunteers and after a short time we called it an evening as rain and the BLH machine don’t go well together. I was out last night packing at Swanpond with the BLH but sadly on my own again. We hope for better things as the summer progresses.

Changing Trains Project

The time is almost upon us to get started on our part of the project, the trackwork into the shed. This involves putting in five points and the connections to the various sidings. We have put together a timescale and we hope to start the first point from w/c 29th July. By the August working weekend we should be into fixing down ironwork and getting rails cut and such like. The workload should see the working weekends for the rest of the year being used mainly for Griffin’s work.

I would also add that our own move to Griffin’s in scheduled for w/c September 9th and although we don’t usually have a working weekend in September as everyone is ready for a break after the steam show, this year will be a little different and we will need all the help we can get.

I know I can rely on our volunteers to rally round and give us help and I hope we can get lots of you to assist during the next few months. As a bonus to the railway all volunteer hours can and will be recorded and can be claimed for from the Heritage Lottery Fund to offset a little of the cost of the project.

We will give you more information as and when we can and ask for help when we need it, not necessarily for working weekends but at other times as well.

If anyone can commit to help at other times please do let us know so we can pencil you into future plans for the work.

That’s all for now folks.

Dave, Pete, Phil and Ian