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Friday 21 December

Track Pack - November 2015

December Working Weekend - Sunday 7th & Saturday 8th

Due to the operation of Santa Specials activities this weekend will be at Havenstreet Station.

The rails intended for the Down Loop relay job need to have their ends cropped and drilled. There are also a few sleepers it would be good to replace on the section of track between the Double Slip and Goosefield Sidings, remembering to keep out the way of the North Pole Shuttle.

The S&T installation requires it routine session of inpection and lubrication.

For those attending on the Saturday, the Company have arranged a do for Staff in the Refreshment Rooms from 4 o’clock. As the poster says 'this invitation (is) to all who have contributed to our success in 2015'.

Hope to see as many of you as can make it on both days at 8.30am by the P.Way Hut. 

P.S. Don’t forget, following consultation, January 2015’s weekend has been moved to the Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th.

What's Been Going On?

With a service operating on the Sunday, Saturday was the main day for getting out on the track.

The day was spent regapping the rail joints in the Ashey Grounds area, starting at Ashey Station crossing and working downhill towards Havenstreet. This involved de-keying every chair in the working area, and removing the fishplates too. At about a third of the joints the adjacent sleeper also had to be moved to replace the fishplate once the rail had been moved uphill.

Despite poor weather for part of the afternoon everyone soldiered on and in total a ¼ mile section of the South rail was completed by 4 o’clock. The rail gaps came right in the vicinity of the 4 ¼ milepost to enable the last plates to be refitted.

Sunday proved to be a quieter day and was spent doing preparation work for the West End Signalling project.

Many thanks to those who helped out over the weekend.

What Else Has Been Going On?

As part of the pole route renovation on the Wootton Single Line, a cherry picker was hired to ease access to fit out the pole tops with cross trees etc. With this being done over a couple of weekend, but the machine still being on site, it presented the opportunity during the weekdays to carry out some lineside works.

Where the pole route was to run the surrounding branches etc. were cleared back to prevent damage to the new line wire. In the wooded areas as many as possible of the low branches growing at cant rail level were cut back as close to the trunk as practicable. Over the years these had been trimmed and snipped to keep them clear if the train, but only the light material on the ends. Taking the branch back so far should prove a longer term solution.

In cooperation with the local Wildlife Trust, at Swanpond Copse it was possible to make more major changes. They had a programme of maintenance to do on the trees adjacent to the railway here, assistance was given to substantially clear back the branches and growth from the railway’s side of the fence in line with this.

Before getting into lumberjack mode the Signal Box was given its routine session of maintenance. While there, some preliminary works were carried out for the West End Signalling Project.

As time allows the gate kits in stock are slowly being assembled and painted, ready to be installed at Guildford Farm and Woodhouse Crossings. The cosmetic works to the steel posts at Packsfield have been done, but no-one has commented positively or negatively so far!

A few wet Fridays have slowed the progress of the Friday Gang, making the ground a bit wet to use the large machines. They have consoled themselves by setting about disposing of the quantities of brash produced from the cherry picker clearance sessions.  
That’s the lot for now,
All the best,
Phil, Ian and Pete.





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22 December 2018


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