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No Trains Today

Saturday 01 December

Track Pack - October 2014

November Working Weekend - Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd

Hello again. With the pause in the operation of trains until the Santa Specials, this month provides a good opportunity to carry out some activities on the two Single Line sections.
As some of you may know a Tamping Contractor is due to visit the railway in the New Year. To get a head start on this the proposal is to use the weekend to move some of the slowly arriving ballast pile out onto the relevant areas. Thanks to the cooperation of the Loco and Operating Departments a series of hopper trains will be used to carry this out. 

Saturday looks like being the busiest day with several trips out and the necessary loading between them; the morning being spent on the Smallbrook Section, the afternoon between Havenstreet and Wootton. Sunday will probably be a quieter day with only one run to fill up the odd gaps left by Saturday. Some areas to be visited are a little shy of stone after the Summer’s lifting and packing activities and it would be useful to fettle these up once the stone has been dropped. 

Hope to see you all at the usual time at the P.Way Depot, ready to go for 8.30am both days.

What's been going on?

As advertised last month, Saturday of October’s weekend was spent clearing and tidying the roadside banks at Deacons Lane Bridge. Fortunately, thanks to couple of kind offers, the trip to site was carried out by road, even if it did prove a bit tight in the layby at the bridge.

Once the assorted piles of brushwood had been gathered the resident pyromanias made short work starting to convert them into ash. This having burnt through, a second fire was started on the South-East corner of the bridge site, the products of stump cutting, amongst much else, being transferred to this.

Brushcutters and pruners were also put to good use, clearing the previous few months of undergrowth to allow as much of the felled wood to be found and cleared as possible. Unfortunately it is still mostly nettles and ivy covering the banks at the moment, keeping it in check will hopefully allow the grass etc. to get a foot hold.

Sunday saw a smaller gang base their activities at Havenstreet station. A bright, warm morning was spent assisting with the relocation of the carriage bodies from the overflow car park. With the bodies having been moved earlier in the week, the collection of sleepers and blocks used to support them remained to be cleared. The flat bed truck took care of the sleeper, or bits of sleeper (!), whilst the concrete blocks were dug out and palleted up to be moved later by the contractor’s fork lift.

After dinner two smaller gangs performed a couple of “improvement” jobs, one being the adjustment of a check rail on the lead point in the Griffins complex. A couple of different chairs and tweak from the Jim Crow nicely eased the entry into the flangeway.

The other gang rewired part of the Indicator circuit on 8A/B Signals in the station. Two new runs of cable allowed another cable joint to be made redundant.

Many thanks to everyone for their help over the weekend, especially given the damp start on Saturday.

What else has been going on?

The main topic since last time has been the piling works at Milepost Six. Regular inspections and repairs had revealed an isolated, underlying fault in the embankment there, which appears to have accelerated in recent times. To cure, or at least retard this, contractors have been employed to insert a row of piles along the line of the fault; through the bank and into sub soil below. As well as the repair here, the idea is to use this as a way of testing the system/method to see if it may provide a possible solution to problems in other areas on the railway. Thanks are due to the Loco, C&W and Ops. Depts. for their assistance in providing crews and vehicles as part of this project.

The refit of “La La”, the Reluctant Personnel Carrier, has now been completed. Phil has been busy repairing leaks to the drive system and replacing the worn parking brake “pucks”. After the Livery Committee failed to reach a decision, the existing “Network SouthEast” paint scheme was renewed.

The Friday Gang continue razzing around. The “Bluebell  Bank” near Swanpond, the latest area of activity. 

All the best,

Phil, Pete and Ian.