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No Trains Today

Saturday 01 December

Track Pack - October 2015

November Working Weekend - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

Saturday is a non-operating day and the plan is to spend it doing some rail joint adjusting at Ashey Grounds. There are a number of closed up or opened out joints in this area which slow progress each March during the fishplate greasing. They also have the more serious potential to cause trouble during hot weather by reducing the built in compensation. This should give those involved lots of key hammer operating practice.

If it becomes a bit mob handed, then weather permitting there are the four biggish piles of clearance material from Ashey Station to be disposed of.  

Havenstreet Station will be the base on Sunday, as a Green Timetable service is operating. Signal and Telegraph work, both maintenance and new will form the topic of the day. 
Hope to see as many of you as can make it on both days at 8.30am by the P.Way Hut.

What's Been Going On?

Saturday saw a goodly number of staff attend for the morning’s La-La propelled trip to Swanpond. On arrival everyone disembarked and using the Iron Men started to relocate the rails into the four foot. There were four pairs to be moved in total and bar one or two awkwardly placed ones this didn’t prove too difficult. The extra numbers helped with the positioning and operation of the Iron Men.

With all the rails in the four foot one was loaded onto the Iron Men and then carefully moved along the line to the area between Long Arch bridge and Deacons Lane. A break for a cup of tea followed it being unloaded. The gang then split in two, a few staying to start on the clearance of the line side bank, the majority returning to relocate the remaining rails to the Smallbrook end of Swanpond. By the time everyone met up for dinner the line side clearance was in full swing, and the rail gang had one more to move.

With the rail moving complete by early afternoon everyone reassembled between Long Arch and Deacons to continue the clearance works. By the day’s end both North and South side banks had been cleared for three quarters of their length. This got rid of the badly overgrown section, nettles etc., as far as where the grass covered banks begin. 

The smaller Sunday gang spent the day around Bridge 12. The area around the “new” signal post was tidied and a stump pole put up. After a few trials a stay wire anchor was concreted in.

Many thanks to those who helped out over the weekend.

What Else Has Been Going On?

The main job since last time has been the clearance work carried out at Ashey station. After consultation, the stand of stunted and leaning trees opposite the Station House was felled and cleared. The debris produced was moved down to Ashey Grounds for later disposal.
With a few non-operating days being available some lifting and packing has been carried out with the BLH machine.

Steady progress continues on the three replacement large crossing gates for Guilford Farm and Woodhouse crossings.
With the added impetus of two new Brushcutters (one funded by subscription) the Friday gang continue their journey eastwards from Packsfield Crossing. By last week they were within touching distance of Woodhouse Crossing. 

What Will Be Going On...

Those who have perused their 2016 calendars will have noticed that the last, or is it first?, day of running falls on a Friday. The plan was to have a session of rail cropping and moving over January’s Working Weekend. Seeing as how the Company will need the rails to be in place for the Friday, it doesn’t give a lot of time to do much cropping before everyone arrives to move them on the Saturday.

Although it is breaking with tradition, to make better use of the labour available we were planning to move January’s event to the following weekend, the 9th and 10th. This would allow a week to complete the end cropping before the “muscle” arrives to move the rails. What does everyone think?

That’s the lot for now,

All the best,

Phil, Ian and Pete.





Santa is making Havenstreet his special Chris...

1 December - 24 December 2018


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