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No Trains Today

Saturday 01 December

Track Pack - September 2014

October 2014 Working Weekend - Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th

Hello there. Unfortunately, from our viewpoint anyway, the train free Saturday that we thought would be available for the October weekend has been gobbled up by a charter. This rather puts a stop to some of the jobs that were planned for the day, but hopefully won’t hamper your enjoyment too much.

Since the last cutting session at Deacons Lane Bridge the undergrowth has naturally continued to grow, if now mostly nettles. It would be nice to try and keep this area under control, especially as it is in the Public eye, now that it is “down”. So the plan for Saturday is to take the cutting gear round to Deacons and have a good strim, as well as finishing off the few stumps and half felled tree from last time. The lineside towards Long Arch on the North side would also benefit from some attention if numbers allow.

If all goes well there should be time near the end of the day to return to Havenstreet, via the plentiful train service to continue with, and possibly complete, the sleeper changing exercise from July.

With the slightly smaller number usually about on a Sunday the intention is to do some jobs around the station at Havenstreet. These would be of an S&T nature mainly, though there are a few finishing off jobs on the new siding layout.

Sorry if the weekend is not going to be as adventurous as planned, but I'm sure you agree that the income generating Charter traffic is important.

Hope to see you all at the usual time at the P.Way Depot, 8.30am both days.

What's been going on?

Saturday of the September working weekend saw a “Gang of Six” gather at Havenstreet to Wickham the sleeper changing tools up the bank towards the Five Mile Post. Steady progress amongst a two train service with shovel, bar and tongs saw a total of twelve new sleepers fitted by the end of the day. Fortunately the weather was not quite as hot as it had been and no one suffered any ill effects from the heat, though the palatial (relatively) surroundings of the new P.Way Hut offered some shade at dinner time. The worksite had rolled on to be near enough to the Barnfield for the tools to be carried to the Company van for transport at the end of the day.

A van sized gang made a trip to Irongates Crossing after a few housekeeping jobs at Havenstreet on Sunday. After strimming the grass and dinner time, some slewing was carried out at Bridge Two, followed by a wander to Calloways Crossing to cut the banks around the crossing.

 Many thanks to everyone for all their hard work over the weekend.

What else has been going on?

The usual summer diet of cutting and packing has kept us occupied for the last month or so. All the crossings have been visited once or twice, to keep on top of the grass. While the evenings remained light the BLH tamping machine was able to be used after trains finished for the day. A few small jobs, but the main one being the longish slack near Mile Post 5 ¼ during “Steam Week”. (A blast from the past there for those with long memories).

I'm glad to report that the bridge works at Rowlands Lane were completed without incident and within the budget.

 The Friday Gang carry on their good work, the return of “Train-Free-Fridays” easing their access to all areas. After the repairs carried out by Phil, the “BillyGoat”, amongst other pieces of kit, is making short work of the area around Smallbrook Station. The Wootton section remains on their hit list to be done by the New Year.

Thats it for now folks,

All the best,

Ian, Phil and Pete.