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No Trains Today

Saturday 15 December

Track Pack - September 2015

October Working Weekend - Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th

For the first time since March, Saturday is a non-operating day. If numbers allow, the plan is to split into a couple of groups, for a while any way, to carry out some jobs on the Smallbrook Section.

One group can use the Ironmen to continue with the rail job at Swanpond Copse. At present this will involve moving the rails stored there from the six foot into the four foot so they can easily be relocated to the position required for the further works in the New Year.

The rest of the gang can gather at the area between Deacon’s Lane and Long Arch. The job here is to clear the bank, and then at a suitable moment attend to a few fence repairs on the South side of the line. One of the neighbours has recently felled a few trees on the boundary, which had grown through the fence, and revealed the fence to be a bit loose in places. Some of the line posts need looking at as well.

If the rail shifters make good progress they can drop back to Deacons to assist the others.
Passenger trains are operating on Sunday, so reducing the scope somewhat. There is some preparation work for the West End S&T Project that should keep the traditionally smaller numbers occupied.

Hope to see as many of you as can make it on both days at 8.30am by the P.Way Hut.

What's Been Going On?

Due to people’s other commitments, there was a smaller than usual turnout for August’s working weekend. Not to be discouraged though, steady progress was made during Saturday’s pleasant weather. A grand total of eight sleepers were replaced on the bank to the east of Havenstreet Station by 4.30pm.

A more reduced gang was about on Sunday. After consolidating the track around the replaced sleepers, there was time to collect up the redundant ones before the loco came off shed for the first train. A Line Patrol and repairs to the Tablet catching platform at Smallbrook took up the rest of the day. 

Many thanks to those who helped out over the weekend.

What Else Has Been Going On?

With passenger trains operating every day most of our activity has been concentrated on lineside tasks. All the wooden wicket gates have now been renovated/repainted and look very smart. With some non-running days coming up there will be the opportunity to do a similar job with the main gates. Certain areas near crossings received some grass cutting, along with a final cut for 'Bob’s Bank' (both sides) at Wootton. In preparation for the winter storms the ditch associated with Long Arch was cleared and tidied recently. Fortunately the water level was just below the tops of our wellies.
A post for the proposed Down Advance Starting has slowly taken shape, mostly during wet days. Further preparation work for the West End Signal project, for example building the control switches, has occupied our time too.

After their trip to the South of France, the Friday gang have started back refreshed. Since returning, they have completed the section between Smallbrook Station’s throat and Callaways crossing in two Fridays. The now traditional return to the Wootton section occurs next week, working eastwards from Packsfield crossing.

What Will Be Going On...

As some of you may know, the company has hired a boom lift for the end of November. Whilst predominantly for the fitting out of the new Wootton pole route, this is only scheduled for the weekends.

The plan is to utilise it during the weekdays to clear some (maybe all) of the overhanging branches in the wooded areas of the lineside. Some gang members expressed an interest in helping out so these are the proposed dates (all things being equal): Monday the 16th of November to Friday the 20th of November and Monday the 23rd of November to Thursday the 26th of November.

That’s the lot for now,
All the best,
Phil, Ian and Pete.





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22 December 2018


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4115 Returned to Service during August 2018


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