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No Trains Today

Saturday 15 December

Track Pack - September 2017

October Working Weekend - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

A varied range of work at Wootton Station awaits at this Working Weekend, the lack of service trains on the Saturday assisting this.

The main task for Saturday is to carry out some line and level work, mostly on the run-round loop, but also if time allows on the platform road. The intention is to perform some fairly big slews to return the loop to a straighter alignment, as well as restore the spacing between the tracks to a more consistent measurement. With the track realigned it can be given a good lift and pack with the BLH machine.

For those of an arboreal persuasion, there is a small group of trees to fell and clear on the embankment near the Ground Frame, as well as some branches to cut back at the back of the platform.

Depending on how things go the tree work may spill over into Sunday, when it is also planned to make a start on installing the rod run associated with the platform level Ground Frame.

Look forward to seeing everyone at 8.30 in the P.Way Hut, except for those who live local to Wootton Station. Presumably we’ll meet up them with half an hour later.

What's Been Going On?

Saturday saw the gang occupied sleeper changing, installing the last of the current batch of timber.

The work carrying on from where it left off last month adjacent to the 3 1/4 mile post, working westwards behind Ashey Road garage. Despite the operation of a two train service, and some rather hot weather in the afternoon, Deacon’s Lane Bridge was reached by 4pm, in time for a road trip back to Havenstreet.; a grand total of nine sleepers being replaced.

On Sunday morning after a Wickham trip to collect the results of Saturday’s labours, everyone decamped to Wootton Station for a day’s work there. Firstly the recurring dip in the run-round loop was attended to with jacks and shovels, the work carried out amongst a steady flow of light engines along the loop.

With this completed by a quarter to twelve, attention turned to the grassed areas of the station. Besides mowing the public areas, most of the north side of the embankment up to Packsfield Crossing was cut with one type of tool or another by the end of the day.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts over the weekend.

What Else Has Been Going On?

The few recent train free days have been taken full use of, a session of lifting and packing at Bridge seven being used for one such. No major works have been carried out, time being occupied by the usual round of either bank clearance or minor repairs flagged during a line patrol.

A special service was run on the 15th of September in conjunction with the custodians of Swanpond copse. Last Winter, they carried out extensive clearance where the woodland adjoins the railway, in the process producing large quantities of timber, as well as opening out the embankment side to the drying effects of the sun and wind. As part of a railway staff training exercise, a short engineer’s train was run to the site to remove the wood. It also gave an opportunity to recover the faulty generator fuel tank from Smallbrook Station after it had been replaced.
Having completed the season’s work on the Smallbrook Section the Friday Gang have repaired to Packsfield Crossing ready to proceed towards Havenstreet, theoretically arriving by Christmas. Some time, mostly on access restricting operating Fridays, has been used tidying and clearing the Western boundary of Griffin’s Curve and Field, to enable a future land survey to take place.  

All the best
Phil, Ian and Pete.





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22 December 2018


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