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The Wootton Project - Phase 2

November 2017

The Railway’s Strategic Vision, when launched in 2009, contained proposals to re-create an Isle of Wight Central Railway station of the Edwardian era at Wootton. This was to include a station building, moving the signal box to the platform, installation of full Pre-Grouping signalling to enable block working between Havenstreet and Wootton, the creation of a short goods siding with loading dock, the re-installation of the original siding and the possible building of a short platform to take the Ryde Pier Tram or push-pull train.

The first phase of this was carried out as a result of the appeal launched in 2011 to celebrate the Railway’s 40th anniversary and included the construction of the new station building and the installation of appropriate fencing, lighting and signage, together with the lengthening of the platform and loop. At that point progress ceased for several years as we had to turn our attention to the delivery of the Train Story project.  However, things started to move again in February 2016 when the signal box was moved from its original position onto the station platform.  Since then, work has proceeded steadily and it is now looking very smart and is almost ready for the lever frame to be re-installed.

Earlier this year, with the completion of the Appeal to return Ivatt 41313 to steam, the Railway’s board agreed to recommence fundraising for Wootton and a new committee was formed to move take the project forward.  This is chaired by Peter Taylor and includes fellow directors Steve Castle, Simon Futcher and Malcolm Smith, with regular input from Engineering Manager Bob Huxtable and Rail Infrastructure Foreman Pete Corby.  As no accurate up-to-date drawings exist of Wootton, a full site survey has been carried out and several boreholes have been made to take soil samples.  Given the unstable nature of the ground, it was felt essential to do this before any earthworks are contemplated.  

The speed of progress will largely depend on the success of the appeal.  If you are able to support this exciting project with a donation, please click HERE.

Proposed location of goods siding at Wootton
Proposed location for the goods siding parallel to the headshunt. The loading dock will be between the siding and fence.
Pre-grouping signal at Ventnor West
Pre Grouping signal at Ventnor West. It is planned something similar will be installed at Wootton.
IWC (ex-Great Eastern) van
This IWC (ex-Great Eastern) van is a possible candidate to occupy the goods siding after restoration.

Wootton Signal Box
Great progress has been made on restoring the Signal Box.

January 2019 Update

Thanks to everyone who sold tickets for our 2018 Annual Draw. The lucky winners were as follows:

First Prize £1,000 : Mr J Boast of London
Second Prize £500 : Mr F Mackenzie of Cowes, Isle of Wight
Third Prize £250 : Mr P Merry of Ferndown, Dorset
Fourth Prize £125 : Mrs J Clark of Ryde, Isle of Wight

Congratulations to the winners! When donations sent in with ticket sales are included, the Draw produced over £9,500 for the appeal, which is our best result ever. Thanks to all of you who sold tickets – it really does make a difference!





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22 March 2020


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